Why I quit drinking alcohol

About a year ago I decided to quit drinking alcohol. Instantly. No bullshit, no excuses. I just quit. From one day to another, I found my alcohol business to be finished. This came as a surprise to quite a few people, and I’ve received numerous questions regarding my choice to quit the most commonly (ab)used drug of our society.

Frankly, it’s quite simple. Alcohol doesn’t give me anything, but rather, it misaligns me with myself and makes me become a worse person. Not terrible in any sense, just worse. It dissolves my sense of alignment with my values, it makes me act less rational. It grabs my personality by the neck and throws it into the mist, obscuring the right choices from the wrong ones.

Personally, I find it to be a killer of character.

Another noteworthy aspect of my decision on quitting alcohol is how it affects my brain. I’ve never experienced horrible physical hangovers like some people do, but rather suffered somewhat intense physiological effects as of how alcohol affects one’s dopamine and serotonin levels. Simply put it, hangovers make me feel incredibly shitty about myself and my life situation, an attribute of the drug which I wasn’t quite fond of.

Under the effect of alcohol, I simply made choices that weren’t aligned with my character, that made me feel shitty about myself. Why the fuck would I then continue to consume it? Reviewing my life situation and the actions I take in order to make it move in the direction I want it to, it was quite obvious that alcohol shouldn’t be a part of my life plan, at all.

What I find problematic, is that I am by no means an alcoholic — at all. I’m a perfectly normal young adult, but I’ve decided to reflect upon these questions. And why is that problematic? Inherently, it means that more people would feel the same, and should take their time to reflect upon these questions as well. Reflect upon their alcohol consumption. I argue that many others feel the same way as I do with alcohol, but their minds are too clouded to do anything about it.

And that is problematic. If you’ve ever felt like I did, you’re limiting yourself and you know it. Take action.

I invite you to objectively reflect upon your relationship with alcohol. All the pros in the left column, all the cons in the right column. Empty your mind. Take your time.

If you are like me, the left column looks nothing like the right column. The choice was easy.

Do I miss having a glass of wine at times? Absolutely. Is that pleasure worth limiting my character for? Not at all.

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