Woof woof coding woof

I was sitting in thoughtbot (who graciously allow me to come work there sometimes) breaking my head against some coding challenge or other. My difficulties must have been pretty visible, because my friend Dan showed me a meme…

credit: some unknown internet hero(-ine)

… with the warning that I would probably spend more time on the right hand side than the left. Even with just a few weeks of writing code under my belt, the gag resonated. But I don’t think this meme is the be-all, end-all truth. Controversial. Permit me to explain.

I find that there’s a load of fun to be had while you’re on the right-hand side of that meme:

I have no idea what I’m doing. But if I try this thing, or maybe that other thing with a little bit of Googling, I can probably work it out…

That’s when I’m doing some of my best learning, and that feeling is really enjoyable. Conversely, the left-hand side of the meme can be a bit of a drag:

I am a God — a bored God. This is far too easy. I know how to do this stuff. I can do it. I don’t want to keep on doing it, over and over.

When I’m there, I typically push on a little bit to see if I just need to slog though a bit of dull preamble before getting to the important stuff. Otherwise, I’ll switch to something else.

Boredom is a sign from your brain that you are not using your time productively, and it’s time to make a change.

While I’m learning to code, I want to be doglike, not Godlike. 🐶