Traditional Education Isn’t For Everyone: The 3-Month Degree That Changed My Life

“ Traditional education focuses on teaching, not learning. It incorrectly assumes that for every ounce of teaching there is an ounce of learning by those who are taught. However, most of what we learn before, during, and after attending schools is learned without its being taught to us. A child learns such fundamental things as how to walk, talk, eat, dress, and so on without being taught these things. Adults learn most of what they use at work or at leisure while at work or leisure. Most of what is taught in classroom settings is forgotten, and much or what is remembered is irrelevant. ”
~ Russell Ackoff

My name is Oscar…

I am a young adult setting the foundations for my life going through college living with my loving family. I am a young student hungry to prove myself, hungry to succeed, and hungry to start my life.

I had a part-time job to help my parents with anything considering they were paying my tuition.

I believed in maintaining a healthy social/family life, I believed in education, and I believed in self growth. I believed living in balance with all these was healthy and necessary. It’s what’s kept me happy and motivated, but it was hard to have it all.

College tuition costs put a load of pressure on me, considering what my parents were paying per semester. My family wasn’t wealthy, so every penny that went in towards my first college semesters was thanks their hard work.

Money was tight due all the expensive books, school supplies, and school lunches. I also wanted to hang out with my friends, spend time with my girlfriend, set money aside for future purposes, and do all the things that kept me healthy mentally and physically like reading, exercising, drawing, etc.

Like I said, Money/Time was tight…

This was me, seriously lol

All this took time and money. I didn’t have the money, nor the time, and the worst part was that I constantly felt stressed, limited, overwhelmed. It felt like the college route wasn’t working for me considering how much of an investment it was in terms of money, time, and effort. I wasn’t sure if it was worth it and I couldn’t even be guaranteed a job after. I knew I had the work ethic and the determination for growth in my life, but I needed an opportunity.

But Then…

I then learned about Udacity, a leading online education organization that offered the perfect opportunity. Udacity offers highly-effective higher education and teaches students in-demand skills that many companies value today. Not only was the program more affordable but I am able to complete the program in 3 months. Sure the idea of something so new like online education was a bit intimidating but I had the opportunity to change my future for the better. In fact, I knew online education had become increasingly popular and I had to give it a chance. When I finally did, I was very happy with my decision.

Not only have I learned valuable in-demand skills in just a few weeks, but I now live a complete different daily life. I immediately embraced the changes the opportunity brought me and I’ve never been better. I now can manage to sleep better, I have more time to work and make more money, I no longer have to cancel on plans with friends and family, I have time to exercise more.

Thank You Udacity

I will soon be qualified for some great positions and I am eager to start my career. But best of all, I now feel more confident in myself and in my future. I want to continue to learn and build my skills, and I’m excited for what’s to come.

“ What's gotten in the way of education in the United States is a theory of social engineering that says there is ONE RIGHT WAY to proceed with growing up. ”
~ John Taylor Gatto
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