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Co-founder of Piggybank (http://getpiggybank.com) and formerly of Simple and Yammer

I have no idea what I’m doing

And it’s OK if you don’t either

Recently, for no particular reason, I decided to listen to Bad Religion’s “No Control” album which I…

Piggybank’s JavaScript Code Guide

The three truths of great programming: Consistency, Explicitness,
and Autonomy

The Three Truths

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#32CD32 vs. Limegreen

Why I chose programming over design

I’ve received a lot of questions regarding how to get into programming over the past year. Just this week…

Response to Marco on “disgusting” behavior

Why lobbying for Google Glass while driving isn’t “disgraceful”

I read Marco’s post today on how Google is lobbying for allowing drivers to wear Glass while driving. Marco wrote,

…to actively fight against clear, valid safety concerns makes them an accomplice — morally, if not…

Where the hell are my badass female heroes, DC?

Recently I got back into comics after nearly a decade when my three year old son, Ezra, started getting into superheroes. He really likes…

Geddy vs. Sails

A side-by-side comparison of the two best Node.js MVC frameworks

If you don’t know, Geddy and Sails are Node.js MVC frameworks—like Ruby on Rails

An experiment into using only web apps for web development

I recently discovered “Secure Shell” for Chrome. It’s a terminal emulator and SSH client in the browser. When I first heard…

A day in the life of a front-end developer

I was asked recently by someone looking to possibly get into this field, “what does a normal day look like for you”? It’s a good question. I…