Hungarian Language Project #1: Mastering 625 Words from Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner

If you are currently reading or have read Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner, you know exactly what I am going to talk about. If you don’t know about it or who the hell Gabriel Wyner is, then let me tell you that according to him, there are 625 important base words for language learner like me, whatever language I am currently studying.

Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner

Speaking of which, on this very first post of mine, I’d like to share my new goal for my Hungarian (as I am now learning this): mastering these 625 words in 1 month or 20/21 words per day for the whole month. Starting today. Anyway, if you want to know the words, relax, Gabriel is so generous because he shares the words on his website:

Well, it’s not an easy task definitely, as I am quite busy with work and my next trip preparation. But, here’s an action plan of what I’m going to do with these words:

1. Translate all 625 words into Hungarian.

2. Mark all unknown Hungarian words, so that I focus on the list of words I will be struggling with.

3. Dividing these words into sub-list based on difficulty level in terms of pronunciation. I will be reviewing the easiest one first.

4. Every time I learn new words, I am going to practice as well by creating sample sentence and post it in my lang-8 account (to acquire grammar advice). Or, I might upload video to my Youtube account practicing the words and sentence I have created (to practice pronunciation).

5. Write a story in medium about my progress.

Wish me luck!