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AI integration programs such as chatbots can sometimes make our employees a little nervous. While any type of change can be scary, especially when it comes to one’s livelihood, the most prevalent concern about AI initiatives is job security.

Is a robot going to take my job?

The simple answer to this is no. AI solutions like chatbots have incredible potential to alleviate simple or routine tasks from employee’s shoulders, but they will not replace skilled human efforts. In fact, we’ve found that bots open new doors to even greater possibilities.


The first step to getting your employees ready for…

A chatbot’s job is the make everyone’s life a little bit easier. Of course, bots can make our teams more productive and more efficient by allowing them to focus on complex tasks, work on sales-ready leads, and much more.

Bots are to be built for the user first.

We want functionality, but our first concern should always be optimized to the user’s interaction with the bots. Just like we want our websites and mobile apps to be user-friendly, we also need to consider our chatbot’s UX. …

Meet the three stooges of robot world — Picture By Besjunior

Finding the right solution for your business is one of the most important parts of any well-formed tech strategy.

Chatbots come in three different tiers of sophistication, and picking the right one can be the difference between a successful investment and a waste of time and money.

Just like you decided how much redundancy you want for your infrastructure and how much security you want to implement in your systems, you’ll want to approach chatbot development with a similar strategy. You don’t want too much, and you don’t want to fall short either.

We’re looking for that goldilocks zone: we…

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Map out your future — but do it in pencil. The road ahead is as long as you make it. Make it worth the trip. - Jon Bon Jovi

Building artificially intelligent chatbots can usher amazing new automation, insights, and ultimately revenues for your business ventures. So… times wasting, let’s get to building! Right? Wrong.

As with any other project, particularly those technical in nature, finding the balance between the deploy and learn approach and one that is more tempered in nature is a best practice. …

This guy is thinking, “Horray, I have a chatbot!”

“Change before you have to.” – Jack Welch

Building a custom chatbot or voice assistant certainly means that your employees will spend less time answering calls, providing routine customer support, scheduling appointments, or whatever other mundane tasks for which you’ve designed your bot. It does not, however, mean taking human involvement completely out of the equation.

The optimal strategy for most business is to integrate bots into the workforce. No matter how much artificial intelligence we can pack into a bot, there’s always going to be times when a human being needs to take over the conversation.

In this article…

Cuando piensas en McDonald’s, ¿qué te viene a la mente? Tal vez, es la experiencia del servicio al auto (drive-thru) donde ordenas desde el auto, pagas en la primera ventana, recoges tu pedido en la segunda ventana, y todo el proceso es muy fluido y rápido. Tal vez oler las hamburguesas en la parrilla y las patatas fritas. Quizás revisar el menú en la parte superior de la caja registradora, hacer el pedido en la caja y esperar que llamen su tu orden. …

Durante el último año, he encontrado mi nueva pasión en la vida. Esta nueva pasión, extrañamente mezcla bastante bien entre la aplicación diaria, personal y con negocios. Para mí, esto ha sido un hallazgo raro aun siendo un geek de la innovación.

Chatbots, o los programas de respuesta automática, han estado creando una locura últimamente. …

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Let’s get real doc! There are entirely too many patient experiences that could be improved. Add this to practice geographic saturation, particularly in the dental and oral care field, and you’re looking for a serious oversupply of medical and dental offices. The result — doc you’d better upgrade your patient experience to earn patient loyalty and recurring business.

According to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association that approximately 6,700 dental hygienists graduate annually. Add that number to the more than 5,000 new dentists coming into the field each year and you have a lot of people to fill not nearly as…

Ejemplo principal 👆

Ok amigos. Todos juntos. Vamos a respirar profundo… 1 …. 2 …. 3 … y exhalar … Repítelo dos veces y sigue leyendo. Hoy te explicaré el cambio de facebook y como afecta a Chatfuel.

Puntos Claves

  • Noticias recién llegadas sobre privacidad de datos, relacionados al escándalo Cambridge Analytica, empujaron a Facebook a revisar todas sus políticas de datos de privacidad.
  • Esto significa que, temporalmente, tus aplicaciones en Facebook no pueden conectar a las páginas de negocios.
  • Se estima que esto tomará menos de dos semanas, aunque nada es por cierto.
  • No se agregarán nuevos bots a la plataforma hasta que esta…

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