Kelvin Owen beating of Vince Mcmahon was stupid

Former United States champion beats up the chairman and it was an eye sore.

At the September 12th edition of the WWE Smackdown live event, the viewing audience witness the brutalization of WWE owner Mr. Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon. While WWE is a pro-wrestling cum sports entertainment, there should be a limit to what is shown to the public.

Shane Mcmahon frustrating Owen

The situation was born out of the feud between Kelvin Owen and Shane Mcmahon. Owen accused Shane of being the reason why he lost his United States title to AJ Styles. He thinks that Shane has been using his power as a commissioner to frustrate and intimidate him.

A year ago, Kevin Owen won the Universal Championship with the help of Triple H. Since moving to Smackdown from RAW, he has found things difficult. He wasn’t even offered a championship match for the WWE title in spite of him never receiving a rematch for the Universal Title.

Owen has been speaking tough since Shane inserted himself into the US title picture as the referee. Especially at the September 5th Smarkdown Tuesday live were he Insulted Shane’s wife and kids. He told Shane that his family would be better off if he and his kids had died in the plane crash that happened in July at Gilgo Beach.

This infuriated Shane, throwing fist at Owen until Daniel Bryan and other agents came out to pull him off. Later that night, Bryan informed Shane of his suspension by the Chairman Vincent Mcmahon. Announcing that Mcmahon will be available to discuss with Owen.

Vince arrival was supposed to calm Owen but he provoked him more by telling him that Shane can beat him up. He then instituted a match between Kevin Owen and Shane Mcmahon at Hell in a cell. Owen lost his cool, head-butting and super kicking him before delivering a frog splash from the top of the rope.

The chairman have always put his body on the line for the entertainment of the WWE universe. Nobody will forget the numerous clashes he had with Stone Cold Steve Austin, but at 72-years-old, he needs to stop.

Beating an elderly man

Watching Owen beat up an elderly man is not a scene that is made for television. Somehow, the company have manage to eliminate gender wrestling. They couldn’t even allow Becky Lynch to fight the chinless warrior James Ellsworth. How can they now be cool with a young man in his prime beating up an elderly man.

There are authority figures in all our lives and most of them are over seventy. How will it be if a disoriented individual that takes its cue from WWE, starts beating them up.

The WWE fan base should demand that beating up old people is wrong and should not be tolerated especially on PG broadcast.

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