Who’s Watching You?

Computer and camera usage brings up many different conflicts among people. They make people feel violated their right to privacy due to their advanced technology. I personally think that having cameras in public areas and having our websites searched up should be alright because it means no harm to anyone at all. But at the same time, if there is no reason to search an individual, then it a clear violation of rights to privacy. Although rights to privacy have been violated through the use of computer tracking and surveillance cameras, this kind of monitoring is justified for reasons of safety, security, and utilitarianism.(Right to privacy)

Safety should always be prioritized in modern day society. Human life is precious, thus using these technologies can bring protect us from evil. For example, if there is a depressed individual who wants to commit suicide, people should have the right to do whatever they can to help. Even if it means violating the right to privacy, I will always make the choice of safety for all. The risk of having real danger is too great and that it necessary to keep everyone safe at all cost. The saying,”Better safe than sorry” is why I believe this kind of monitoring is justifiable.

These monitoring technologies are useful because it gives security. It keeps people safe from harm and can prevent terrorism. It can also be used to catch serial killers, troublemakers, and law breakers. For example, having security cameras in banks and airports are very important for security purposes. This allows people feel safe knowing they will have a smooth ride on the airplane without any hijackers. Securing lives and people’s lives is what matter the most even if it means having everything and everywhere constantly monitored.

My philosophy idea of utilitarians is my main reason why this kind of monitoring is justifiable. As long as the good outweighs the bad, I will always be okay with having my right to privacy violated. For example, if searching through my personal social media and accounts can help identify who is the culprit, then I will be happy to let my right of privacy by violated. I will do whatever I can to help everyone. Having everything constantly monitored is not such a bad idea anyways because it does no harm to anyone. I truly believed that his kind of philosophical idea approach to this case is the right choice. (The History of Utilitarianism)



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