Divided; How America’s race problem exists today

There is a bitter debate over racism these days, specifically, whether or not it still exists in a way that actually matters. Many people state having a previous black president means racism has been banished in society to a point where we do not have to worry about it anymore. However, reality says this is simply not true; prejudice is still there, we are just less aware of it. Occurrences of racism happen everyday, from Charlottesville, NC to Ferguson, MC. Racism is everywhere in America; it is a cancer to the United States. 
Now, many people argue that racism is eradicated in America due to having Barack Obama as a former president, however, recent events show a different reality. A Buzzfeed article states, in late August of this year, “ the family of an 8-year-old biracial boy in Claremont, New Hampshire, said a group of teenagers hurled rocks at him, called him racially charged words, and then pulled a rope around his neck and hung him.” A horrific event such as this alone can show racism is very well alive today, and I am sure there are other occurrences that happen that just do not make headline news. 
Even if it is thought that the poor 8 year old boy is just an extremely rare happening, here are some everyday statistics. According to a report on propublica.org about deadly force in black and white people, “Young black males are said to be 21 times greater to be shot dead by police than any white” ( sentence 1). This statistic is sickening to hear. The risk analysis for young black males being killed by police shows support for the argument that racism still exists today. 
Blacks are being killed at disturbing rates when set against the rest of the American population. Racism is clearly an everyday problem.
Forbes offers a completely different perspective. Forbes makes the argument that America is past racism towards black people. The article does not state that racism has ceased to exist, rather that it is no longer a serious problem. This is interesting because they acknowledge racism is here today, but argue that it is not a big enough deal to be a problem. Forbes also ends the article with, “This is a time when we can afford to let the past be past. Obama’s election showed us that we can, and his call for action requires that we do” (last paragraph).
One crazy perspective states Racism does not exist at all! The argument here states that we are one as a human race; therefore, acts of hate are performed on another human rather than from one race to another. If that were the case, the word racism makes no sense. This is a nice way to look at things, however, it is confusing due to the social divide of people because of the different pigment of each other’s skin. 
The perspective that racism is an everyday problem in America is by far the most accurate. The reason I say this is because people can say whatever they like, but numbers do not lie. Seeing the statistics of blacks being shot dead compared to any other race is just heart aching. There is no argument that can justify the shootings are not a prejudice!
The least accurate perspective, I would say, is Forbes. I would argue that although they acknowledge racism is very well alive today, they state that it is not a problem. Is hate not hate?! It is disgusting to hear that we look the other way when we see acts of racism and allow evil to still walk around our country. I say to them, f*** you. If I see prejudice or racism to any other human being, I will not look the other way. 
In the end, America needs to wake up! Racism is a cancer to America. Lynchings have gone down compared to 100 years ago, but instead of rope people are being killed with lead. Please stand up against racism. Do it to make our country a better place for your children and your children’s children. Do it because it is the right thing to do.

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