I thought we were friends…

Oscar Cortez
3 min readJan 15, 2017


“New blood joins this earth and quickly he’s subdued. Through constant pained disgrace the young boy learns their rules.”

I am happy to announce I’m joining MOi-Solutions! I want to share with you the story behind this exciting new journey.

My previous chapter

Three years ago, I was fortunate in joining Kronoscode as the first developer on the founding team of five people (yes, five). During my time there, I developed many of the company’s projects for different clients around the world, custom internal products (yes, these are top secrets) and more.

The company grew to fast, more designers and developers joined the journey and I can say that we were the best team in the world. If you have the opportunity to work with them, don’t miss it. They are a friendly team with an incredible work environment and culture, I can assure you that you’re going to enjoy it. Well I don’t want to make this story very long, so check out this post to see how incredible they are.

I will forever be grateful for my time and experience at Kronoscode, I thought we were friends but… Actually we are a family ❤️

Enter MOi-Solutions

A few months ago, I was introduced to MOi-Solutions and the idea of being their developer. I met with José and Eduardo and they shared their excitement about well-crafted applications, his little baby ARA and many things that still have to be built.

Working here has shown me the power of focus in one product, listen to users and make the things happen. I believe the best way to succeed in product design and development is with small teams of exceptional specialists.

I can summarize my decision to join their team in the following list:

  • Founders, culture and values: José is an exceptional project lead and Eduardo is an expert in agribusiness, Fridays we work remotely, Tuesdays we have boxing classes after work and this is just the beginning.
  • Product & Vision: This company has a huge opportunity to change the way agribusiness work and the way we interact with technology.
  • Customers: Another strong point in favor of joining this team is the product already works on large enterprises.
  • My passion: I realized, while I was interviewing, that my passion is to build things that matters always focused in what the user need.

About Me

MOi-Solutions become a exiting place for build crazy things, I have the opportunity to become a better developer and learn new technologies like Ruby On Rails, Elixir and React.js (after four years working with Django and Angular.js) I’m not going to lie to you, I’m still sore after the first boxing class and we have a big, big, big black blackboard where we plan how to dominate the world.

For now it’s just the beginning, I’ll come back when I have more stories to tell you, Maybe the next is about how I’m going to become the next boxing champion.

I thought we were friends … but I’m joining the dark side because they always have cookies, lets make the things happens.

Find me on Twitter: @oscar_mcm

Thank you ▲



Oscar Cortez

▲ I speak Python and sometimes Ruby — Sr. Dev at MOi-Solutions — Self Made and Time Traveler.