A first date

I always thought that a first date would be a candle light dinner followed by dancing till the sun came up but clearly I was wrong and that I have seen to many love film. The other day I had my first proper date with a man , I had meet on a dating app just two day before hand. We meet in Norwich for a Shopping and lunch date. I had all sort of thought running around in my mind , such as if he was who he said he was or what would he think of me. Anyway with my thought and my ted baker bag I head out into Norwich shopping tribes while feel equally Nevis and excited. As I waited for my date in the shopping centre near h and m , I wounded to my self how is it that people could meet up for sex in minutes without even knowing each other and jet two people meeting up for a shopping date can feel like going to the dentist. Is it because more and more people like me have very high expectation of the perfect first date , have we watched too many love film or are we just hopelessly romantic. Why is this? Do we blame film producers for sailing lies to us like titanic or the notebook or is it that first impression don’t account anymore because we are all so blondie Nevis. After meeting my date face to face,we start to talk to each other like old friends and wounded though the shops and had lunch with laughter, I guess I had nothing to worry about after all. Because at the end of the day you don’t know until you try so guess that’s why they call it a first date.

By Oscar porter

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