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Act.1-The Meaning of Color

Everything was black, completely black. He didn’t know what to expect, everyone was so quiet. The grass on his back felt wet, “a little uncomfortable” he thought, he tried moving but everyone was so silent that his simple moves sounded really loud.

“Im excited” she said. His feelings weren’t of excitement, rather fear. Since he was a little child, he never liked this kind of shows. He could’t bear with the exploding sounds and had never been able to defy fear and watch it directly. “Im excited too” he said with a frightened look in his face.

The moment came closer, his body told him to leave everything behind and go elsewhere. He was cold, wet and scared; for a moment he thought of leaving and just as he began to stand up, he felt a warm feeling, he felt protected, he felt safe and, for a moment, everything was fine. Her hand gave him the confidence he needed and now, he knew everything was going to be fine.

The show started, a first flash of light brightened the sky; red, he would never forget that amazing red color, he felt scared but relieved, the red lights slowly decayed and turned into a whiter color as they fell to the ground. He was 13 years old at the time and it was at that moment when he knew that this girl was special.