Earth Day Experience

Over the last months, we have been preparing a lot for earth day. The first step we took was to create teams based on our skills, this is where I took the first step which was different for me. I was used to work with the same people on the technology team because they are my friends and I have a certain amount of interest in technology but, this time, I decided to take a different step and joined the activations team which was composed of people that I knew but I didn’t consider my friends at the time. In general, I was very excited to work with them and also to do something different such as the activations for the day.

As a team, we worked really effectively; everyone gave different ideas and in just one class we knew what we wanted to do and were already developing an action plan which we would later follow in order to give the best output for Earth Day. We decided that our activities were going to be all made with recycled materials which, at the end, were all recycled pet bottles. We decided this because we thought that there was no point in doing activities with materials that would damage the earth on Earth Day so, even though it didn’t look the most beautiful, it was not damaging the Earth in any way, also, we decided to take the responsibility of encouraging other people not to produce waste by doing a water pong activity in which we made the players recall how many games they had played during their life and how many plastic bottles they had used in those games and that, even though our bottles were recycled, they served for the same purpose as the normal ones they use in their games.In order to acquire these pet bottles we installed several “Earth Day boxes” all around the school and we told a lot of people about them in order for them to leave their pet bottles there. In no time we had more than the necessary pet bottles for the creation of our activities and we only needed to wait for Earth Day in order to do the activities.

Then came april 21st, which was the “lunada” and it was very fun! When we first arrived, the most notorious thing was the stage in which the music team was going to perform, there were lots of couches and in general a lot of space to watch them. The music team was awesome, it was really amazing to hear them sing but what stroke me the most was the nostalgic feeling of knowing that this was one of the last moments which we, as a generation, were going to share. This feeling didn’t just strike me but everyone, it was something that you could feel in the air; everyone was having a great time together and some even sang along with the team. Not only the presentation from the music team but the whole event was memorable. On this same day, we didn’t lose focus from our own event which was in a few days so we used this opportunity to recollect more pet bottles which were later used in order to make our own activities bigger.

Then the day of our activities finally came. We had all the materials we needed and just needed to put our activities up. I did not attend my math class in order to put the activities early in the morning. I found Emilio and we went for all the materials. At first we set the activities up in plazoleta but it was a tremendously windy day and, even though our activities weren’t influenced by the wind due to the fact that we filled the water bottles with water, it was kind of uncomfortable for the people to go to our activities in such a windy environment; this, in combination with the fact that all of the other activities were set up outside from the cafeteria made us change our location to that spot as well. In no time, we started to get more visitors than those we got in plazoleta and it was actually very fun! I was able to not only impart the activities but, in the free time, I could also do them myself. On our activities, several students gathered and there was a friendly and enjoyable environment which not only gave the opportunity to enjoy the activities but also opened the people up to pass by and enjoy a chat with their friends. I really liked the overall experience that our activites caused in the public.

When I had time, I went to see the other activities which were set up and, to my surprise, all of them were awesome. There was a lot of people during the event and most of them seemed very interested in the topic and did all of the activities. There was a lot of technology involved as well which made the activities very interactive and informative.

In general, I don’t consider myself a picture friendly person but, the fact that I was so excited that I took pictures tells something really special about this event. In my opinion, all the classroom did a great job in not only making people take consciousness about the earth but also, all of us did a great job in uniting all of our classmates in one of the last events which we will enjoy together. I can proudly say that, for me, it was a real happy Earth Day.