What does my voice sound like?

So far, my experience as a bloger has been really nice. I had never tried to express myself by writing and, as a novice writer, I think I did a very good job. I was able to create a space in which I could freely talk to myself, a space in which I felt safe to write about whatever I felt like with no restrictions and it felt really good.

When I started writing these blogs, I was having a hard time due to several different reasons but, by writing everything, I was able to use this blog as a way to relieve my stress and benefit from it.

What does my voice sound like? It is funny, it likes to joke and make people laugh or that is what most of the people say. Deep inside, my voice is fragile but also wise, it doesn’t speak that much but, when it does, it tends to be very accurate. Most of my close friends know that I am really fragile, words get to me pretty easily but I am also very good at advising others. My inner voice is strong, it knows what to do and how to do it.

My voice has become stronger during the past months, it has spoken more and it has spoken wisely, I have advised both myself and my friends and, in my opinion I am very happy with the advises that my voice has given.

I have understood that my voice is very valuable for my connections, it has helped my friends when they need it and, in my opinion, my voice will grow stronger. It has a weight and can get anywhere it likes to get.