Tebow Time: Part 3

Don’t call it a comeback! Or, do if you want to. The point is that Tim Tebow has come back for more, to the perfect coach, the perfect system, and at the perfect time.

If Chip Kelly’s young NFL coaching career has taught us anything, it’s that the man’s plans are exactly like the Oregon Duck’s uniforms: unpredictable, outlandish, and ahead of the game.

It started with the release of DeSean Jackson, for reasons that might as well be summed up as “because he felt like it”. Then, he not only trades the Eagle’s franchise running back, LeSean McCoy, but he also ships starting QB Nick Foles away.

…you know, the same guy who once threw 7 touchdown passes in about three quarters (pro-football-reference.com).

What did he get in exchange for these star players, you ask? He got Sam Bradford, who is coming off an ACL tear, and linebacker Kiko Alonso, who…erm, is also coming off an ACL tear.

A while after both talking heads and armchair analysts alike went going crazy over the recent transactions, Kelly came back with an offseason move to end them all: signing Tim Tebow (who’s been out of the league since 2012) to a one-year contract (Bleacherreport.com).

Before going any further, I should point out that I’m a HUGE Tim Tebow supporter. I despised him in college, but he immediately became a charming underdog story that completely won me over.

He’s not a great quarterback. Heck, he might not even be a good quarterback. But most people would trade the arbitrary ability of playing quarterback for Tebow’s natural ability to come through in clutch situations and win high-stakes games.

Just ask Peyton Manning:

Chip Kelly’s Eagles (funny how Kelly has become the image of the franchise, but that’s a different story) give Tebow the best environment for him to succeed in since he’s been with the Broncos. The Jets tried to turn Tebow into more of a Wildcat quarterback, and the Patriots tried to turn Tebow in Tom Brady:

Kelly runs a system that is so quarterback-friendly that even Mark Sanchez was able to fill in and produce nicely. Things will be as easy for Tebow as possible. So, instead of having to develop as a legit quarterback, he’ll be able to get by with just being Tim Tebow.

Unless he does this:

It’s a benefit for Chip Kelly, too. Tebow will be the mobile QB that Kelly has been waiting for in the NFL.

Well…the mobile QB who isn’t completely made out of glass like Michael Vick is, anyway.

With all this in mind, the marriage between Tebow and Kelly might be a match made in heaven (no Tebow pun intended). That, or just a publicity stunt to silence the “Mariota trade” talks, so that Kelly can totally surprise everyone again by…trading up for Mariota.

At this point of the season, only time will tell.
….Tebow Time, that is.

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Dedicated to Uncle Robert. Happy birthday. 2wheels4ever.