Apple’s Cookies Have Been Eaten

Apple has long been the stalwarts of simple, elegant, and functional design. They have also been the tastemakers for advertising elegance and trendsetting presentation. But the new ads are anything but that!

You could have understood a change in regime would bring new tactics (thanks Tim Cook) but this changing of the guard is anything but superficial. Reference the old days when silhouettes of talented dancers wearing Apple’s trademark white earbuds busted impressive moves on a colorful canvas to hipsters tunes like the Black Eyed Peas. Or, the simple presentation of the MacBook Air’s slender edge made you think of an elegantly alluring razor blade you just wanted to reach out and touch.

Apple’s desperate ploy to define a new generation of customer. Trying to meet the public where they’re at may be going too far and kissing the edge of losing taste, but most certainly their clean image.

Then it happened. It was the Cookie Monster.

It’s not bad enough that Siri needs the help of a shabby looking puppet, but, in the “behind the scenes” they did it. They touched the logo.

A longstanding rule in the graphic arts. Never. Touch. A logo. Especially a well established one.

At the end of the video the apple is presented onscreen whole (something we’ve never seen from Apple Computers) and then you hear the Cookie Monster take a bite. And the bite appears in the apple.

Game over for Apple branding. They have lost their way.

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