Part 3: How Do We That? —

Wondering how we do our job as web developers?
Like any good worker — we have our toolbox.
And this is one website development tool!
How do we use whois? It’s more than just a great tool for searching for available domain names. We also use this to identify who owns the domain and what is the name server.

What Does This Mean?
First of all, searching the domain of interest will return whether the domain is registered or not. If the domain is taken, you will see two options: Whois and Aquire. The Aquire button will step you through the process of making a deal to acquire the domain name. The Whois button will load a page that will provide the registrants information for that domain. You will see their information and can reach out to them. Mainly for us as web developers, this is an important tool because it provides us important details about who has control of the domain.

If a client does not have access to their domain name and wants to move their server location, they will need access to this domain name account. Locating where the name is registered and gaining access from the administration person associated with the account is a key. From there the ‘name servers’ can be changed to point to a new server location.