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We spend time on the content

We drive our website development by first and foremost finding the value of your business or brand. Whether you have a brick and mortar store, personal brand, or virtual business, we define your core value and drive the rest of the website development from your core ‘why.’ Why you do business. Why you are engaged. Why you have an online presence.

We understand that Sun Valley and the Wood River Valley is loaded with qualified and ambitious individuals that have unique talents and stories to share on the world stage. We spend time to boil down the value you deliver to the world and help you present it on the world wide web.

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We spend time on color

After defining the core ‘why’ and value of your enterprise, we look to a color palette as a defining element that drives your brand ethics (your personal values. e.g. customer satisfaction or quality of product), flavor of presentation, and relational identity. Color is so important — without any imagery, icons, or photos we look for color to the weight of communication after we define the words that express your value.

We spend time on visuals

Visuals are imagery consisting of an illustration, icon, photography, headshot, and even geometric shape. Visuals dictate honesty or pretense with delicate balance. It’s a delicate balance with subtle expression which can multiply implication toward the goal of the website. Great care must be taken when choosing the proper visuals.

We approach visuals with the decided expression created through content and color. Once the message is created and the colors provide the spine of the website, we can begin to attach imagery and shapes to the website as needed. It’s so easy to overload websites with imagery and we certainly believe more is not always better. Sometimes it is just ‘more.’ So we encourage a harmonious approach — always maintaining that imagery is a supplement to the message of the company and brand.

Image: Smashing Magazine

We spend professional time

With decades in graphic design and web technology at a nationally corporate level, we have delivered award winning development. We will deliver a graphical presentation that emphasizes the message of your company and builds on your brand. With a proven framework, we mitigate risk by following industry standards and proven project management. The value of the professional time and cost placed into the project will result in time-proven results for you and the brand you are spending time to build.

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