Effect of Pollution on Eye health

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Smog is the dense layer of air which is formed on the ground when the air pollutants are high, and this is widespread phenomena in the city of Delhi where the traffic is all time high.

Smog can cause plenty of health problems like accelerated ageing of the lungs, loss of lung capacity and decreased lung function. This also results in the development of diseases such as asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, and possibly cancer.

The problem of red and itchy eyes is prevalent in cities that have high air pollutants in the air like Delhi. It is also because human eyes are susceptible and prone to infection and allergies.

The increasing pollution in the air causes temporary irritations when you step out of your house. But if you are living in a city where air pollutants are high throughout the year, then this can cause some permanent dry eye syndrome and a lot of other conditions.

Eye Infection Symptoms

The most common eye conditions caused due to air pollution/smog are:

  • Pain or discomfort in both or one eye
  • Itching in eyes after being out for hours
  • Feeling that something’s is in your eye ( Don’t ever rub it)
  • Eyes are becoming a lot more sensitive to bright light than usual
  • Burning in your eyes even when you have been home
  • Small, painful lump under your eyelid or at the base of your eyelashes

If you are suffering from any of the eye problems, then you can visit eye specialists- Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, and Primary care providers at Eye7 Chaudhary Eye Centre in Delhi.

Opticians only check for any difference in eye power and distribute glasses. Optometrists are eye health care providers who will examine and treat your eyes for any disease along with checking for power.

Ophthalmologists are medical doctors who can perform surgery on your eyes if necessary along with diagnosing and prescribing glasses/contacts.

In case your eye irritation or redness seems temporary, you can visit Primary care providers.

The Eye7 hospitals were ranked in India TV’s list of Top 10 Eye Care Hospitals in India (2018). With 35 years of experience and thousands of happy customers, Eye7 Chaudhary Eye Centre Hospital is dedicated to offering a full range of modern ophthalmic treatments to its patients.

The Eye7 hospitals have specialist doctors for eye diseases like glaucoma, retina, and low vision. Along with this they also have specialists for neuropathy, pediatric ophthalmology, and squint.

Also, the Eye7 hospitals have four centres around Delhi. The first one is in Lajpat Nagar South Delhi; another is in Daryaganj Central Delhi, third is at Janakpuri West Delhi and fourth at Indirapuram East Delhi.

How to take care of your Eyes- Important Tips

Practice frequent hand washing — Contact of pollutants with eyes can lead to conjunctivitis and other eye infections. Thus, always take care to wash your hands with a handwash before touching your eyes. In case you catch an infection, visit nearest Optometrists or a primary care provider for a checkup.

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Protect your eyes from the sun — Always wear sunglasses before heading out in the Sun. You can also try to find wide-brimmed glasses that will prevent dust and allergens from entering the eyes and sunglasses that protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet sun rays.

For Instant Relief — You can use cold compresses as it gives immediate relief from itchy eyes. Rose Water is also known for its instant relief properties. It has chemical properties to soothe puffy eyes and soothe any temporary irritation.

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Wash your Eyes — It is advised to wash your eyes with regular/cold water by splashing water on your eyes. Do this every time you are back home to wash out any impurities.

The 20–20–20 Rule -

A. Look away from your computer/smartphone screen and fix your gaze at a far away object. This helps to relax your eyes and is a great exercise.

B. Blink 20 consecutive times to prevent eye dryness.

C. The third rule is for your eyes and posture as well — after every 20 minutes, get out of your seat and take 20 steps.

Always remove makeup — Always make sure you remove all kinds of face makeup before going to bed. If you are almost passed out, try removing your eye makeup at least. If you are frequent at eye makeup and always come home tired, keep a makeup remover and cotton pads near your bed for quick use.

Note — If any irritation or redness lasts more than 24 hours, make sure you visit a primary care provider. Also never rub your eyes as it’s harmful to the eye when it’s already red.

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