There are some storms if you don’t go there it will not stop…

There are some storms if you don’t go there it will not stop…

Our lives have been created to deal with many challenges before we get to our promise land. The approach we give with these storms may show us many lessons and still realise the purpose of our existence on earth.

According to a scholar, a storm is defined as any disturbance in a planet’s atmosphere that brings about a change in weather. On earth, these changes might include high or gusting winds, rain, snow, sleet, hail, snowstorms, windstorms, cyclones, thunderstorms e.t.c.

There are various kinds of storms that individuals suffer. Some face the storm immediately they are born, some when they are in their youthful age and some of their old age.

These storms don’t just happened because you are not fearfully and wonderfully made, or loved by God. But appears to you to realise that you are heading somewhere positive. Where you are heading will be defined by you, i.e. how you are responsible to sail during the storm.

Some storms will cause you to lose friends. Some individuals who are not fit to help will give you wrong advice that will earn you more space or years to reach out of the storm. Try to figure who you claim your companion or character you share your life issues.

We must definitely face storms in requiring to determine our true potentials. We need to face storms to notice who loves us and those who don’t.

> When you are in a storm, decide to be patient, persevere, be humble, be strategic, endure, be concentrated, be a cheerful giver and appreciate every little things. Do yourself this favour to pen down all your mistakes and study from those mistakes.

Never give up on yourself or say bad terms to your Maker. Jesus Christ faced many storms, and He triumphed.

Remember There Are Some Storms If You Don’t Go There It Will Not Stop…

…Omo Jigaloye…

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