When Someone You Love Dies!

The reactions on the people faces may show how they feel when someone they love find another place of rest. This reaction can occur as a bombshell that open a permanent wound in the heart.

I was at age 3 when I first knew people dies. When my granny passed away; I discovered everywhere was silent and my dad showed none sign of contentment, full of agony. Her room locked not as our usual tripling into the room to play and jump on her spring bed. The imaginable thought and unanswered question filled my mind until death of the Founder of Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide, I advanced in age to understand and ask questions. It was a serious psychology distress to wait for that moment to know people dies.

There are many tragedies strikes in the world that could take lives any moment. “Be Prepared”

Scene at Las Vegas Gun Fire Attack!

In a recent attacked on 2nd October, 2017 at Las Vegas in United States claimed 58 lives and many injured in a blink of an eye. And recent in appealing letter wrote to President Buhari to discuss the consistent killing by Fulani Herdsmen; from this letter it recorded 100 people killed, while many are homeless and injured at Miango Irigwe somewhere in Plateau State, Nigeria. When Someone You Love Dies!

To loss loved ones set bearable experience and misery. It is a time to undergo emptiness in things around us.

When my father answered the unresisted call, I felt confused and lost. It was a painful experience to loss a caring father of his. I mourned him in several ways apart from aged and believes he is heaven. My Dad was the best in everything. I went through a series of reactions; people close knew his demised is something I can’t forget so soon.

Death comes unnoticed which takes most people unaware; it takes our loved ones when we needed them most.

When Someone You Love Dies!

So how do we grief when it comes? To grief for someone who has been no more can come, and normal to react; this is to show how painful to loss a cherished and this comes in different process with individual. People will accuse and challenge you grief too much or not enough, let them be, someday they will realise.

When Someone You Love Dies!

The memory of our loved ones who has found another place in immortality will continue lingering in our hearts and the love becomes a memory. That memory becomes a treasure.

What needs to do to keep them in a better position in our world:

> Is to emulate their believes.

> Write a book in their memory and published it for the coming generation to know what they lived with.

> Make it mandatory to commemorate their remembrance yearly and visit the resting tomb.

> Replicate their favourite adage and song.

> Let everything around you regards them.

No one live forever; creates a path that will stand for you.

Thanks for reading this and make sure you act over it. Hopefully you found the piece useful. Don’t forget to share it with your loved ones as someone will surely need it better than you.

We will finish well…

Omo Jigaloye. 19/10/2017.

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