My Top Four Favourite Nigerian Instagram Channels

In a country consistently barraged by parochial political schemes, referendum discussions and loud whispers about the president’s health, one must find solace somewhere else. Some find that different reality in books, others in films while some find it in adventurous exercises. Lately, I’ve found mine in Instagram where I watch videos posted by four Nigerian acts. These guys help to dissolve the heaviness of the Nigerian political mess and they are doing a good job too.

They are:

Ogbeni Adan

Adan and his father present a reality most of us are familiar with. However, it’s presented with a comic twist. I always look forward to his posts.

I’m not a big Nollywood fan but this guy sure reminds me of Fadeyi Oloro. 😅


Maraji makes us realise that a human being can be different people at the same time. She presents a multitude of characters in different scenarios. Like some of her Instagram contemporaries, she’s able to manipulate voices, mimic anyone and create unique skits. However, when she imitates Ghanaian men and her father, she takes it another level.

Perhaps, it’s her talent that encourages Nigerian brands to advertise on her page.


This guy, with Tega, reshaped Instagram Nigerian funny videos. They started with Papa Ade and Ade skits where they brought to the forefront the dichotomies of father/son relationships in contemporary Nigeria. In fact, there channel later inspired many other acts on Instagram.



When Twyse acts as a father, he kills it with that Yoruba accent and baritone voice. In addition, his story telling skills mixed with his superb editing makes his channel enjoyable.

These channels not only entertain me but also, present reality in an enjoyable manner.

If you’re on Instagram, have a look at their channels and let me know what you think. Also, let me know your best channels.

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