Telling-a-vision to kids is hard in a Television age

Television has been on Baby Tv for 2 hours. My motivation, who is barely 2 years old, giggles as the funny and colourful characters on screen sing and wiggle.

He cries “quack-quack” as the Five Little Ducks tune comes on and claps his hands momentarily as Baby TV introduces other songs. He’s totally engrossed.

I brought his breakfast, tried to feed him but his focus remains on the television. To save him from starving, I switched the tele off.

My motivation throws a dangerous tantrum. He climbed down from his chair, picked the TV remote then pointed it to me and continued his tearful outburst.

I refus

For forty-five minutes, my motivation cr

My attempts to feed him only increased his protest. He prefers the singing characters to morning breakfast.

How can I explain the vision to motivation that eating is more important. I carried him around, caressed him and, finally, he ate his food.

I should have given him the food before television. Maybe it would have been a different story.

But, then again, what gets kids hooked to TV even if they barely the words ? How much TV viewing is healthy for a child? Is TV just bad for kids?

Tele-a-vision needs to be given to kids with a high level of discipline.

I’d like to hear from guardians and parents: what are your recommendations?

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