Why do you write?

Would you write if you knew no one would read your work?

Imagine this. You finished that story, poem, play, or any other form of writing (FB or Twitter posts) then no one reads it or comments on it. You do this for days, years and you get the same results: no readers. Would you continue to write?

For me, yes. I write, first of all, because I enjoy the process. The thought of “creating” an event, a world, a human being with words is fascinating. That power bestowed on one by muse is thrilling.

In one of my creative writing classes, I threw the question up and it sparked a debate. One student’s reply stuck. She said “why would I write, knowing no one would read my work? I’m not mad! It’s like talking to yourself. That’s what mad people do. And, I’m not mad. I need an audience.”

Other students disagreed, claiming that one has to be able to write without thinking about the reader and argued thusly: “write to enjoy.”

Please, share your thoughts. Would you “write to enjoy” or “write to be read”?

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