The Stammers and Stutters of life

Amidst the heartfelt praises to God, I caught a glimpse of a boy struggling to catch up with the flow. Excitement was written on his handsome face; full of life and clapping his hands. But he mumbled his words as he tried to follow the songs popping from the lips of the lead singer.

The passionate singer!

I paid rapt attention to his attitude. The determination, the doggedness, the passion and the ecstasy. He was undeterred by the stares and giggles of others. He was an unstoppable fellow!

Some few years ago, we were just like this boy. When we could not pronounce a word, let alone make a meaningful sentence. Everyone around us could speak so fluently that their flawless conversations sounded like a music. Today you can conveniently express yourself, either in your native language or English language. That’s life! I still wonder why we don’t always remember this gradual progress.

Lofty empires were not built in a day. That’s why microwave cannot make a real solid pounded yam. You can’t start your driving lessons today and become a chauffeur in a week. That may sound unfair but it is just as simple as that.

If you have plans to travel on the train of perpetual relevance, don’t neglect the process of becoming an excellent product.

Neglecting the process is tantamount to heading for a sudden disaster. Excellent products gain dominance in the market of life. They enjoy spontaneous advertisements at no cost as a result of their encounters with people. Individuals who can’t keep silent about the awesomeness that touched their taste buds.

You can’t start your writing adventure today and become a pro in a month. Are you scared of mumbling your words and stammering on the pathways of life? Remember, that was how you started life in the first place. The worst that can happen is for people to pelt you with negative comments and bathe your timeline with toxic criticisms. Will that kill you or shut down your lungs? If you have the right attitude, you will only get stronger.

Embrace your mistakes and learn from them. Push hard towards perfection in the path you have chosen. Your attitude is of utmost importance — be determined, be passionate and be happy! Go and start that your new engagement today! Don’t keep stalling the writing of that book, start that blog, initiate that reconciliation process, kick-start that business and cultivate the culture of consistency.

I am so thrilled about starting out with writing on Medium. I would like to know your views about this short piece, don’t forget to spare some few words as comments. If you find this lovely, share with others. Thanks!

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