After a successful first year of KiCon in 2019 in Chicago, it will change venues to CERN, a major contributor to the KiCad project!

KiCon 2020: A KiCad conference at CERN, September 11th-13th, 2020

More details soon! If you’re interested in being involved, the following email addresses can be used to contact the right people about this event:

  • Sponsorship:
  • Media:
  • All other inquiries:

​Join us for the Open Hardware Summit on March 13th in New York City!

It will be the 10th anniversary and Sophi Kravitz will be giving a keynote. More speakers will be announced soon.

Tickets are on sale now!

Thanks to Anool Mahidharia for posting on Hackaday about KiCad plugins. I decided to try out the Teardrop plugin by NilujePerchut:

Kevin Neubauer has designed a System-on-Module (SoM) to run Circuit Python:

CircuitBrains Deluxe

I love Adafruit’s CircuitPython product line. The ability to just plug your board into USB, make code changes, and see them take effect in real-time is amazing. However, when it comes to finishing up a CircuitPython project, I felt limited in choice for a small form-factor, streamlined board. I always ended up creating my own boards. The overhead in doing this was huge though. You have to make sure your design has proper power, decoupling, and clock. Then you source all of the parts. After that you lay out…

Chris Gammell writes on the Contextual Electronics about the first ever user focused KiCad conference, which is happening April 26th and 27th 2019 in Chicago (USA):

KiCon 2019

As you may know, KiCad is a very big part of CE. We use it in every design we showcase on the CE site. We’re hoping that some of you will decide to take your learnings and share them at KiCon 2019. We’re looking for speakers to give talks about how they are using KiCad in their jobs, businesses and schooling. Or just how you use it for fun! Please apply to give a…

The Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) 2018–2020 Board Nominations are now open

OSHWA is looking for 6 new faces to join the board of directors for the Open Source Hardware Association. The nominee form is for self-nominations only.

Please fill out the nominee form (deactivated Nov. 4th) to become a nominee or forward the link to someone you want to nominate. Do not fill out the form for someone else. The purpose of this form is to tell voting members why you want to serve on the OSHWA board. We will be publish the nominees and their answers on Nov. 5th. Board members hold a 2-year position.

Once board members have been…

OSH Park

Perfect Purple PCBs! We make your PCBs in the USA for $5 per square inch with free shipping worldwide.

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