Rotary Encoder Breakout with Pull-up Resistors

​This breakout board designed in KiCad makes it easy to put a rotary encoder and pull-up resistors on a breadboard. (Thanks to Enrico for the idea to add pull-up resistors).

The footprints on the back are meant for 1206 SMD resistors.

I choose 1K Ohm resistors, marked 102, when I assembled this board.

Additional photos are available in the GitHub repo’s images directory and in a Google Photos gallery.

Here is the OSH Park shared project for the board:

Rotary Encoder Breakout with Pull-ups

The KiCad design files are available on GitHub:

I used this KiCad symbol and footprint by Mike Cousins for a Sparkfun rotary encoder:

I’ve verified that these rotary encoders fit:

I wrote this Arduino sketch to run on the Teensy 3.2. The brightness of one LED is controlled by the rotary encoder knob. The other LED is turns on when the rotary encoder knob is pressed down:

Here’s a video of the breakout board being used with a Bourns PEC12R-4220F-S0024 and Teensy 3.2: