How would you summarize the purpose of life in one sentence?

Have you ever noticed if you rewrite Evil backwards you get Live… Yes Live

They say: Evil prevail when good men and women do nothing. How will you get on the scoreboard if you don’t want to Win and become the best version of you? 
The greatest of people who have ever been in the society, they were never version of someone else they were themselves.

What burns in your heart is important for you to pay attention to. Because some dreams chose YOU… Yes, you.

Give Evil a setback by changing the scoreboard;
Live — Evil: 1–0

The grave is full of potentials​ that could change the world and the scoreboard. But we both know some didn’t live out their potentials​. But we got you and a chance to Win forward if only you die empty.

So please Jump.

Because​ to people running after their dreams live has a special meaning. Some dreams are given to us and it’s necessary to know that people don’t have to understand you.

Dreams are not meant for the crowd to accomplish but an individual to accomplish. The crowd only see the finished dream and accolades.

That’s why great people scream, shout and cry when they achieve their potential. They now know the Pain is temporary.

And the Pain has passed and has given​ birth to new Strength.

So chose:
Sink or Swim
Stand or Soar
Land or Fly… iQuote: I Live to Jump and soar by Faith above Evil… #OAO

People don’t have to understand it, as long as you do that’s awesome enough reason. Cus they might not have an interest in the dream you want. Just keep focus and see your goals.

It’s okay to try and fail at least you passed the level of “what if”. Define your success….

Some call it guts, heart, but I call it the Holy spirit… Cus we walk by Faith, not by sight.

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