April 5, 2002. ESFJ. E(xtroversion) S(ensing), F(eeling), J(udgement). I feel energized by the company of people. I pay attention to details and stay focused reality rather than future possibilities. Usually, I follow my heart rather than my mind, making my sense of logic blurred by depending more on social implications. Also, I am organized and like a sense of order and control.

Change is something I am not fond of. Fear is what I feel when it is occurring. I strive to accept change and differences in the future, because I know it will help me in the long run.

Knowing the words to this song like the back of my hand makes this song more and more meaningful to me each time I listen to it. Not only does it have a spirited and brave message, but also reminds me of the summers I spent at camp singing this song over and over with my best friends.
Knowing the lyrics to this song like the back of my hand makes it more and more meaningful each time I listen to it. Not only does it have a strong-spirited, brave message, but also brings back memories of my summers spent at camp singing and playing the ukulele to “I’m Yours” with my best friends.

Friday, August 26 9pm

Enjoying our first football game this year!

Spending time with my brotherSpending time with my brother

Spending time with my brother

Michelle Obama is currently the First Lady of the U.S.. She is bold, generous, and not afraid to speak her mind. She launched many programs in the last 8 years to promote healthier food choices.


Mother Teresa was a nun and missionary who devoted her whole life to improving the qualities of life for the less fortunate. She was generous, self-less, and compassionate.


Anne Frank was a victim of the Holocaust and wrote about it in her famous diary. She inspires me because of her optimism. Throughout her unimaginably hard life, she continued to see the good in people and every situation


“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” -Walt Disney

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