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When a web application accepts user input, you never know what data to expect. The form data may be invalid or even hazardous. The erroneous data may be due to a user making an unintentional mistake or a malicious hacker implementing an attack. Either way, validation and sanitization protect your Node.js application against inappropriate input.

In this tutorial, we’ll:

  • Install the express-validator library for use with an ExpressJS server
  • Validate user input from a login form
  • Sanitize user input from a login form
  • Return validation errors to the user to improve the UX


by Jon Church

A new major version of Express.js is coming, the first major version bump since Express 4 was released in April of 2014. Although Express 5 is a major version change in the SemVer sense, the Node.js framework remains largely the same. Much of what’s changed is centered around removing function signatures, which were deprecated in Express 4. You won’t have to relearn much to continue to work with Express 5.

This version has been under development for a long time, and contains a lot of maintenance-related updates that could only be done in a major version (like…

by Addison Berry

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Because Osio Labs is a distributed company, we have a lot of experience working remotely. We’re efficient at it. But like so many people around the world, our lives have dramatically changed. Working from home in the pandemic is entirely different. Tutorial bugs still have to be fixed, but infants also need childcare. Teenagers need encouragement to come out of their rooms once in a while, and partners need help with their new work environment. Not to mention the fact that we simply need to process what in the bleep is going on in the world.

A three-legged race with a drunk


***This tutorial introduces the entire Hey Node series on setting up API proxy middleware with Node.js Express. ***

In this tutorial we’ll learn about Express, the free and open-source Node.js web application framework. Built on top of the Node.js built-in http module, Express helps us set up routing and handles the request/response cycle.

We’ll take a look at some of the features of Express, learn what it can offer us that the built-in HTTP modules in Node.js can’t, and explain why it’s a great tool in any Node developer’s toolbox.

By the end of this tutorial, you should be able…

Node.js and ETL can be a powerful combination. Because it’s a non-blocking asynchronous language, you can query hundreds of database rows at once using Node.js without waiting for each query to complete before moving on to the next one.

ETL is a process of Extracting, Transforming, and Loading data from one or multiple sources into a destination. We can use this process to convert large amounts of data from one format to another. Whether you’re using Node.js or not, the parts of the pipeline entail the following:

  • Extract — Retrieve raw data from wherever it is, be that a database…

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Node doesn’t care if we write our entire project in one huge index.js file. But if you want people to be able to read your code, you need to organize it in a way that makes sense and is easy to maintain. Enter Node’s module system!

What exactly is a module? Modules organize related functions together into a file, that we can import later when we need to use them. A module encapsulates related code into a single unit, usually stored in a file. …

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This article is part of our first tutorial series, Data Brokering with Node.js on Hey Node, the Node.js training site from Osio Labs.

View the video tutorial on Hey Node.

When you want to store data between server restarts with Node, JSON files are a simple and convenient choice. Whether you are reading a config file or persisting data for your application, Node has some built in utilities that make it easy to read and write JSON files.

Using JSON files in your app can be a useful way to persist data. …

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