My search for the truth about UFOs: Part 3 — “Red Flags, Red Flags Everywhere!”

Jeremy McGowan
26 min readSep 7, 2022


Jeremy D. McGowan

This is Part 3 of a multi-part continuing story of how I ended up searching for the truth about UFOs. Each Part details a significant event, which brings me to the present day at the culmination of the final part. I hope you enjoy this trip. Due to a combination of memory loss from PTSD and old age, specific minor details may not be entirely accurate; however, the overall story depicts actual events. (Subsequent parts will be published in the forthcoming weeks.)

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” — Winston Churchill

If you’ve not yet read Part 1 of this story, I highly suggest you do so. It can be found HERE:

Let’s pick up where I left off in Part 2, with the budding friendship between myself and Sean Cahill.

As the days and weeks went on, the conversations Sean and I had grew longer and longer and began to take a severe turn for the esoteric and what I refer to as the “woo” with high doses of “love and light.” I was feeling a tremendous amount of whiplash — to the point where I envisioned a mental neck brace might be needed to move forward with things. Sean was, on the one hand, encouraging my efforts to seek answers in the realm of “nuts and bolts” while at the same time pushing extremely hard for me to adopt a philosophy of the phenomena being all about consciousness, intent, extra dimensions, and even to accept the idea of the Galactic Empire. Sean seemed extremely conflicted on a personal level and often questioned himself.

On December 18th of, 2020, I received a text message from Sean. He was saying he would release a “how to” video on guided meditation — but he also felt as if he was “…a tool, A sucker. A fucking foil [sic].” I took this to mean he was questioning his role with Lue. I attempted to appease him as best I could and move on from that conversation — but the thought that Sean was starting to question things always stuck in the back of my head…though directly afterward, there was no more visible second-guessing from him. It was as if he had been self-convinced, or someone did it for him — for, after this episode, Sean was 100% in.

The main issue to me now was that Cahill didn’t seem entirely convinced that the general public should even be told the truth about UFOs. Sean began a trip down a road where he appeared to believe that the phenomena were part of a control construct designed to entrap and enslave humanity. He expressed beliefs to me that we are on a prison planet, inside of a nearly infinite loop of constant repeats, “until we get it right.” His commitment to my vision of finding, identifying, and releasing the pure unadulterated truth regarding the phenomena was taking a back seat to what I perceived to be his status and closeness to Lue Elizondo. Sean was, in my opinion, absolutely convinced that everything about the phenomena was a danger, a threat — not just in the aspect of nuts and bolts and laser beams but that the “entities” or “those responsible” for the phenomena were somehow feeding on humanity. He believed that UFOs were in the process of removing people’s consciousness from their bodies and replacing it with something different. He was lashing out at the UFO community, calling people “fools” for not having a clue what kind of control the UFO technology allows.

After posting the above tweet and seeing the voting results, Sean became rather agitated at #ufotwitter, calling people “fools” for not realizing (in his words) “…how quickly and easily the tech to cloak and destroy with near impunity, to remove consciousness from a body and change its contents. They want a dopamine truth boner even if it makes them slaves again.

At this point, I was still battling severe depression — the depression I spoke about in Part 2. I was yearning for a sense of belonging, for a reason to exist, and something to be relevant. I wanted something that would allow me to make my mark. I was easily manipulated and shaped. I found myself riding in a convertible down “Woo Avenue” where there weren’t any ideas presented that were too insane. Everything explained seemed to make sense. Consciousness was the right approach to understanding the phenomena — what did I think this was a nuts-and-bolts affair? Woo was where the answers were!

Something rather striking occurred on December 9th, 2020. This was one of those incidents where the information presented to me was so utterly contradictory to everything I believed at the time that it didn’t even register with me. Even though I asked for and received that clarification, it went in one ear and out the other. And it shouldn’t have. It should have slapped my brain with a giant “STOP NOW — THIS ISN’T WHAT YOU THINK IT IS!” warning… but instead, I glossed over it and stayed on course. The event went down like this:

I was sitting in traffic on my way to work at around 7:45 am on December 9th, 2020. The highway was a full-stop parking lot. So my mind began to drift as I watched the guy beside me pick his nose and chain-smoke cigarettes. I reached for my phone and sent Sean a message asking why I, a 49-year-old with a crappy truck, a worse job, and no appreciable skills to speak of, was in the middle of a large-scale project with Lue Elizondo and not someone like Lt. Cmdr. David Fravor — the pilot who laid eyes on the TicTac during the 2004 Nimitz Encounter. Why would Lue invest his time in me and not someone like Fravor?

As I said above, the answer I received should have shaken me to the core. But I think it was so bold, open, and honest that it simply didn’t register with me. Sean’s answer is my mental poster child for why I now question EVERYTHING. Sean stated, quite matter-of-factly, that Lt. Cmdr. Fravor didn’t think the TicTac incident was actual. His exact words were that he thought it was “fake.” I sat for a moment in my car with a gobsmacked look on my face which, luckily for my tint, no one in traffic could see. Finally, I typed up a clarification text and asked:

“What do you mean by he knew this was fake?”

Sean replied: “He thought it was fake or our[s] and he was sure. Didn’t believe in anything past a black program and acted like he knew better.”

Pressing for more clarification I responded with:

“So he saw what he saw and he believed it to be US technology and he propagated a narrative that he himself believed to be false?”

Sean replied with the “heart” emoji signifying his acceptance of the correctness of my statement. I didn’t know what to do with that information. The primary witness of the 2004 Nimitz TicTac event believed it to be either fake or US technology — but was out and about pushing the idea of it being a non-human technology. WTF?! But as luck would have it, traffic began to move, and I motored my way to the worst job I’ve ever had and spent the next eight hours imagining how long it would take my boss to bleed out from being stabbed with toothpicks.

I think, at a subconscious level, perhaps, I held onto that statement more than I realized because if Fravor believed this to be US technology, what the hell was I doing entertaining the ludicrous ideas of a conscious connection and energy density levels with telepathic communications that cause praying mantis to stop and wave… Nothing was making any sense. Perhaps my failure to key in on the idea that Sean, the self-appointed spokesman for Lue Elizondo, would say that Lt. Cmdr. Fravor believed the TicTac incident to be “fake” because of the rest of the words in the message Sean sent to me. He unloaded on Fravor, saying things like Fravor was “way in over his head,” saying that when Fravor did a UFO conference, he went from “bashful to boner” and how Sean saw Fravor’s ego explode. As if that wasn’t enough, Cahill continued to bash Fravor and said that “nobody liked him…he did not have a likable personality” and then continued to say that “Fravor’s the kind of guy who, if I was still a Chief, he’s the kind of guy whose ass I would have kicked. He’s the kind of commander that I would have berated in front of his commanding officers for stupidity.” I was taken aback by Sean’s willingness to brutalize Fravor in such a direct way. I’d never seen Sean react with vitriol and hate towards someone, and I believe that it was for this reason that I failed to key in on the idea that Sean felt Fravor thought the TicTac incident was fake.

Mental whiplash began again, and I started to have misgivings about my abandoning hard science in favor of transcendentalism and deep diving into consciousness and phenomena. Especially in light of the fact that the Yogi-Guru of the group who was practicing meditation and preaching the one brotherhood would blatantly attack someone, I was confused about what I was doing. When I expressed these hesitations to Sean, he told me a story. He began explaining that he had constantly been seeing what he called “silver basketballs” hovering over and around his house. But then they stopped. In an audio message he sent me over the Signal App, he alluded to the idea that he couldn’t see the silver basketballs anymore because he had put his meditation practice down for a more “neutral scientific” approach. I took this as Sean’s way of trying to get me to stay off the science and stay on the woo.

This was a red flag. Why would looking at the science be a killer for seeing silver basketballs? Why would Lue not associate with Fravor, ESPECIALLY if Fravor thought it was US Technology? It made no sense — but I wasn’t yet at the point where I was openly questioning what Sean said, even if he claimed to speak directly for Lue.

Time passed on, and this team of misfits got Lue involved directly with the project. Sean promised us access to James Fox, George Knapp, Jacques Vallée, and many other big names in the UFO Community. We were all stoked that this was becoming an actual “thing.” Little did I know it would be the “Swamp Thing” and not the “thing” I had envisioned. But that comes later.

The amount of information that was coming my way was simply overwhelming. I was developing insights on people based on what I believed to be accurate and honest assessments from Sean by way of Lue. I remember when Jake Mann asked Sean if Jim Semivan was still in TTSA, to which Sean replied, “He’s not taken seriously off record.” Sean would continue over the next several weeks, giving us hot takes of Putoff, Semivan, the Bledsoes, Greer, and many others. It seemed to me there were two faces to the whole UFO story…there was the public-facing story where everyone is aligned, working for a common goal, and the more personal story where everyone worked from a competing level of interest, ideas, and thoughts — and behind that door of privacy, things were a bit nasty. This even trickled down into the individual personalities inside #ufotwitter, where Sean would give us “insight” into people he felt we should avoid. Sean’s comments regarding Ryan Sprague being a “whiny little bitch” and that Lynda Thompson is “LARPING” and is a “…full on fake and lures in suckers” became normal. In retrospect, it appeared to me that we were being divided from the start and categorized into an “elite” group.

Right around this time, I came up with the name of my vehicle. Sean had been talking rather insistently about the idea that the phenomena is a control structure and spoke about how he believed that the Ancient Egyptian god Osiris was alien artificial intelligence used by entities to control humanity. He even went so far as to compare the symbol of Osiris with that of the modern icon for a hard drive or file structure. I was still in the process of eating this up. I didn’t mind that there was back-door vitriol in contravention to the public face people saw. However, I was on the “inside” and felt I still had a sense of purpose, reason, motivation, and responsibility. I wasn’t planning on going anywhere as I felt any concerns could be addressed, clarified, and remedied later — and honestly, I wasn’t even fully aware of how ridiculous things were.

The documentary project (it was still a documentary at this point) continued. We managed to get the crew, myself, and Sean’s travel dates to all converge at Lue Elizondo’s house for a week of filming. On January 15th of, 2021, Sean flew from CA to Las Vegas, where I picked him up from the airport. He stayed at my house. Drank my coffee, went with me to my daughter’s JiuJitsu practice, ate my breakfast, and BSd on my sofa. The next day, Sean and I would take the OSIRIS out into the desert and field-test the SkyHub by flying Sean’s DJI drone around the vehicle to test the triggering functions, only to find out that it didn’t work. The SkyHub wasn’t even triggering on a drone just a few feet from the camera and certainly wasn’t triggering on it hundreds of feet away. I was upset — but we decided that the trip to Lue’s was still on as this was just a pilot/teaser/test video for the documentary, and nothing of evidentiary value was going to be collected anyway — and we could simply “fake it” with the SkyHub in post-editing.

Two days later, after spending nearly 17 hours in the same vehicle — Sean and I arrived at Lue Elizondo’s house in Sheridan, Wyoming. My wife flew in the same day and was transported to Lue’s house later that evening by the camera crew. We would spend the next four days filming “something” without a script, any idea of what we were doing, and without written agreements, plans, strategic documents, or guidance. We were winging it from start to finish, and we didn’t even have an end goal.

I met Lue’s wife, Jen. She seemed to be a welcoming and decent person — although it was very apparent, very quickly, that Jen wasn’t someone who was sitting idly by. She was very much a part of the process. She is highly opinionated and not afraid to speak her mind. At one point in the days that followed, I vividly remember Jen at her witts end during a kitchen remodel gone wrong where she unloaded on both Lue and Sean. She was furious that Lue wasn’t getting a slice of the financial pie for “this contract” and that, at a minimum, they (Lue and Sean) should reach out “to the CO” and get them to “at least assign you a Yeoman for administrative things.” I didn’t key in on that at the time, but in retrospect, two things now jump out at me. First is the fact that she referenced a contract, and second is the use of the term “yeoman,”; signifying an association with the US Navy. Perhaps this tied into what Lue was about to tell me a day or so before this occurred… Entirely inconsequential for any part of this, I found it interesting how Jen stood an apparent two to three inches taller than Lue. I don’t remember if it was Lue, Jen herself, or Sean who mentioned it to me, but apparently, Jen is of Russian descent.

The first evening we were all in Wyoming was absolute chaos. The film crew was outside scouting locations and shot placements while Lue, Sean, and I were on his back porch huddled around the grill, watching Lue cook some dogs and burgers while we all tried to stay warm in the -12-degree weather of Wyoming in winter. At this time, Lue looked right at me, glanced at Sean, nodded — and looked back to me and stated, “Boys, I’m going to tell you something. Everyone thinks I left the Government. I didn’t.

That sentence in and of itself should have thrown me for a loop. But as it turns out, I was reasonably prepared for it to happen in one form or another. Back on November 29th, 2020, I fielded a report from an Army Captain who was in the process of witnessing a UFO event near the Indian Point nuclear facility in New York. The individual called me as the event occurred, and I took the report. I notified Lue, who asked if he could have my source’s permission to share the report with the new [UAPTF] Task Force Commander. When I gave the affirmative, Lue replied, “Copy…under no circumstances can the general public know that the report has been shared with the USG. This is a gentleman’s game, and mutual trust is of primary importance. The price of the ticket to play the game is knowing that you will never be able to tell anyone you are helping folks on the inside.” I bought this hook, line, and sinker — I felt special that I was so closely involved with some clandestine back-door effort of the USG that was likely akin to a resurrection of Project Blue Book and that me — my silly ass — would be a part of this historical record that would someday come out in some FOIA and be broadcast everywhere. I was feeling pretty proud at that moment. Every piece of information I’ve gathered since then points to the fact that there was no sharing of that report with the UAPTF commander. I even filed a FOIA and attached the actual report to the FOIA requesting the SAME report with its chain of custody… nothing. So, whether Lue lied to me that day, or if there are such loose controls in that version of the UAPTF that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand does — I don’t know. All I know is that now, I feel as if I was played. But that event backed up what Lue told me on his porch — that he never left the USG.

Back then, I felt I was “inside.” I was rubbing elbows with the person I thought would help change the world of secrecy. I was feeling pretty damn high on my horse. After the burger and dogs, and after the camera crew departed, leaving only myself, my wife, and Sean at Lue’s house, I was taken downstairs to Lue’s office. This is the room where nearly everyone has seen the back two walls in countless podcast interviews. Lue moved around some military memorabilia, showing me the Berrett he claimed belonged to Sadaam Hussain’s limo driver. A few photos of Lue in military settings — both in and out of uniform- hung on the wall. But one thing I expected to see in his office was suspiciously missing.

During the two-day drive from Las Vegas to Wyoming with Sean, we talked about nearly everything — including Freemasonry. I told Sean that I was a 3rd Degree Master Mason and wondered if Lue was. Sean stated that he believed he was but couldn’t confirm it. So, when the opportunity presented itself in Lue’s basement office, I asked him, point-blank, if he was a Mason. The terminology I used was if he was a member of the Blue Lodge. A “Blue Lodge” is a Masonic lodge in which the first three degrees are conferred. It is a common term and one that is known by every Mason I’ve ever met. Simply googling the term will provide the commonality of its use. The reply I got from Lue would leave me stunned, with every alarm bell sounding, watching and waiting for something else to be wrong.

Lue seemed to pause for a moment before answering my Blue Lodge question and replied, “No, but I am a 33 Degree Scottish Rite Mason.” It will take a moment for me to explain to the non-initiated why his response gave me the chills. Let’s start with the most obvious: It is absolutely impossible to be a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason in ANY open Valley of the Scottish Rite without being also a 3rd Degree Master Mason in good standing at an active and recognized/non-clandestine Blue Lodge. So for Lue to deny being a member of the Blue Lodge but claim to be a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason is unless he is a member of an unauthorized, unrecognized and clandestine Valley of the Scottish Rite, bullshit. The other reason this bothered me so much is that I am a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason myself.

As a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason, I am also a Lifetime member of the Scottish Rite Research Society. I receive quarterly magazines, bi-quarterly books, and random correspondences and maintain communication with other Brothers on a routine basis. Not once had I received notification that Lue Elizondo had been bestowed the title of 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason. The 33rd Degree is an honorific given to a Scottish Rite Mason as a lifetime achievement award. It is not something that can be sought after; peers can only award it. Becoming a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason takes nothing more than sitting through a few degrees and lectures. Once you’re a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason, you have many opportunities to become KCCH (a red hat). Once you’ve got your red hat, it takes time, dedication, and service to the Scottish Rite to gain the white hat and become an Honorary 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason. While I admit that Lue may be a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason in a clandestine and non-recognized Valley, I am convinced he is not what he claimed to be. His statement appeared to me to have been speedily crafted to bolster his status without fully comprehending the gravity or the ability to verify what he was telling me. Combine that with the understanding that compared to every single other Mason I’ve ever met or associated with — all having their Masonic aprons, certificates, regalia, and other accouterments proudly on display with the fact that I saw exactly no evidence on display or anywhere which would even remotely hint that Lue was, in fact, a Mason — much less so, a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason.

As I mentioned, Sean and I spoke about Masonry on our drive to Wyoming. Never once did I say during that trip that I am a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason in addition to being a 3rd Degree Master Mason. I kept it simple and didn’t do much other than answer Sean’s questions about Masonry. The fact that I hadn’t mentioned my 32nd Degree to Sean is a crucial factor to remember and will be referenced again in a bit. So, from the moment I heard what I believed to be a direct lie by Lue to me, I spent the rest of the time there in a state of “what’s going on, what’s wrong here, what else do I need to see that I’m not seeing now?” The most disturbing part of that mental state is that I was now open to seeing the bullshit — and oh, my damn, did I see bullshit. Whether this part is the truth or if it were a fabrication by Lue, I honestly don’t know; but that same night, Lue stated he had been “recruited into the Aviary.” I’m not going to dive into that rabbit hole in this writing, but I felt it was important to mention that the statement was made — by him — directly to me.

I can’t remember if it was the second or third night at Lue’s house. Still, the film crew had gone home, leaving only Jake Mann, Justin Tandy, myself, Sean, my wife, and Lue sitting in Lue’s kitchen swapping war stories and generally having an interesting conversation. It wasn’t long before someone brought up the topic of Remote Viewing, a “thing” that I didn’t and still don’t put much stock in. So, I had a LOT of questions for Lue. I sat at the table as Lue drew out on a napkin how there were different “realms” and how you could astrally project yourself into these realms, and how that (as he tapped his pen on the napkin) if you ever end up in this realm, “…there is no humanity there, you can get lost and never make it back.” My wife was mostly done with the conversation and headed to bed. I stayed. I started asking clarification questions because most of what I was hearing didn’t make a lick-bit of sense, and I needed to understand. About the fifth or sixth question I asked Lue, I saw him take a posture that I interpreted as him being upset with the questions. At that time, the biggest show of bullshit I’ve ever seen came wafting my way — straight from the man himself: Mr. Luis Elizondo.

Lue was sitting directly to my right. Sean was to my left, and I believe it was Jake seated to the left of Sean. When Lue appeared upset at my questions, he stopped — he reached over with his left hand and placed it on my right forearm, took a deep breath, dropped his head, and began to tell me about my life…in the future. Yep, I typed what you just read… feel free to read that again and let it sink in before we go on. So, Lue Elizondo, the public face of the latest UFO movement, someone who was apparently a member of The Aviary and maintained (apparently) direct communication with the current UAPTF commander…someone who was previously with the DIA and had apparent ties to the Monroe Institute… was “remote viewing me, in the future.”

With his left hand firmly on my right forearm, he said to me, “In three years, and four months to this day, something is going to happen that will make you look back on this and say, that son-of-a-bitch was right.” He didn’t elaborate before he went on to tell me that my daughter would go to one of the most prestigious universities in the United States and that I would fare a lot better than my ex-wife who was going to suffer from drug addiction.

This is where I pulled it all together and called the entire situation a complete and utter circus of lies, misdirection, fantasy, and — bullshit. At that very moment, I had a bit of a flashback to the ride up to Wyoming with Sean in the OSIRIS. I remembered our conversation about family, and I replayed it in my head, looking for pieces of information that Lue could have received 2nd hand by way of Sean. And all the pieces started falling in place for me. This is the first time I’ve publicly spoken of this outside of close friends and family — but I don’t have one daughter; I have two. I have a 24-year-old and a 9-year-old. I never mentioned my oldest daughter to Sean because that was, at that time, a relationship between father and daughter that was estranged and under repair. So I didn’t involve her or make her known to anyone. Likewise, I never told anyone I had been married TWICE before my current and amazing wife, Edith. I’ve never mentioned my first wife as ever existing to anyone outside my family. But I spent excessive time talking about my youngest and referring to her as “my daughter” because, quite frankly, she’s a genius and destined for great things. And Sean had even met her while in my home.

Reflecting on Lue’s “future remote viewing” words, I realized precisely what I believed to have happened. Sean was passing on to Lue tidbits of personal information on me, much the same way that “psychics” in road shows do to their audience with the help of the TV show producers… But Sean didn’t have the whole picture, so Lue didn’t have the entire picture; it all made sense. Lue saying my daughter (not my youngest, had he known I have two) but only referring to her as my daughter would go to the most prestigious university in the US showed that he had no idea I have two daughters. His comment about my ex-wife (not my first or second ex — just my “ex-wife”) having a drug addiction problem showed me that Lue had no idea that I had been twice previously married. Again reflecting on the conversation Sean and I had on the trip up to Wyoming, I vividly recall telling Sean that my ex-wife had an “addictive personality.” This statement, apparently, made it to Lue, who potentially misinterpreted it to mean that my ex-wife was struggling with an addiction to drugs. When I told Sean about my ex-wife having an addictive personality, I never elaborated what that meant — when it had absolutely NOTHING to do with drugs or alcohol. The ex-wife I was referring to is a health addict, a gym rat, a marathon runner — someone who is addicted to fitness, and she’s also a Mormon who doesn’t even drink coffee due to the caffeine. And even if a rare instance happened when I inadvertently spoke about my first ex-wife (which I did not), she doesn’t have any addiction issues either — she’s a Full Bird Colonel in the USAF. But it appeared that Sean had misunderstood, combined with not knowing I was twice previously married, and told Lue that my ex had an addiction issue — which appears to have been exploited by Lue during his “remote viewing of me in the future.” It was all garbage, smoke, and mirrors, and I was pissed off. It couldn’t have been staged better unless Lue wore a turban while staring into a crystal ball.

The next day, we were scheduled to drive out into the middle of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) property and do some filming of the OSIRIS on the road, with Lue in his black pickup truck. Wyoming is authentic “God’s Country,” and I can honestly say I’m hard-pressed to come up with a more scenic and impressive vista than that of the area surrounding Lue’s house. We spent a good four hours in the backcountry, flying drones, wasting time, and filming me chasing Lue, Lue chasing me, and general shots of the OSIRIS traveling down dirt roads. It was on our way back to Lue’s house when the now infamous event occurred where I allegedly “put everyone’s life at risk and almost killed Lue.” Now, I’ve been told by more than one person that a certain person in this accounting of events has previously told various podcast hosts and other #ufotwitter members that I was reckless, dangerous, and nearly killed people while we were in Wyoming. That is patently untrue. It is designed as character assassination and is in and of itself slanderous. What occurred is as follows:

On our way back from BLM land, Lue was in his black pickup and hauling ass down a many-mile-long dirt road. I’d estimate that he was driving a variable speed of between 60 and 80 miles per hour with a dust trail kicking up to the point I had to back off to see the road and turns safely. This caused me to lose sight of Lue a few times. During one such loss-of-sight, I completely missed that he had apparently swerved to avoid a washout across the dirt road. I hit it at about 60 mph — so hard that one of the camera guys in the back seat flew up, hit his head on the roof, and bit his tongue so hard it was oozing blood. EVERYTHING in the vehicle shook, fell, and moved. I thought I saw my soul leave my body for a moment — I wasn’t even sure my axel had survived the impact…but we motored on.

A few moments later, we all heard a series of “pops” from the back of the vehicle. “What the FUCK was that?!” I exclaimed. The camera operator in the back seat said that the “red box” was glowing and smoking. The severe impact from hitting that wash while chasing Lue apparently shorted out the power supply to the SkyHub. It burnt one wire, threw a few sparks, and stopped. It was over before I even managed to get out of the car and pull its connecting power cable. Now, I suppose that with an extremely vivid imagination and one prone to over-exaggeration and fantasy, one could stretch the story into a “Jeremy almost killed people.” But the facts of the incident are exactly as written above. There was no fire. There was no danger to life. The event lasted about 8 seconds.

That night, back at Lue’s house, another incident of a red flag was about to appear. I felt as if my questioning of his remote viewing had touched a nerve, and while perhaps it was my imagination, I couldn’t shake the feeling as if I was being held off at arm’s length. However, in proper form to what I’d seen before, Lue was about to extend to me a piece of information I can only imagine he believed would bring me back. While standing in his kitchen drinking whisky while Lue drank a glass of Chardonnay, he walked over to me, put his arm around my shoulder, and pulled his cell phone from his back pocket. Looking at his phone, he said he was about to show me something almost no one had ever laid eyes on. He flipped through some photos until he landed on a specific video. Gingerly pressing play, he held up the phone for me to watch what was unfolding on the screen. The only way for me to describe it is that it appeared to be an old surveillance video. However, this seemed more blue and white, unlike standard black and white videos. Some telemetry was up in the corners, and a targeting reticle was in the middle. There was a “blob” in the distance — non-ironically looking like a potato. Impossible to judge size or distance; I watched the blob for a few seconds until it appeared to race towards the camera when the video stopped. Lue told me it was a highly secret video smuggled out of Russia from one of Russia’s missions to Phobus. According to Lue, a UFO attacked the Phobos mission probe and destroyed it. This was on his cell phone. In his pocket… but presented to me as if it was one of the most crucial state-secrets humanity had ever possessed. What did he expect from me? Was I supposed to fall to the floor and place myself in worship? Was this supposed to convince me that he had all the answers? Come on…I spent a decade-plus in the military and have a fairly good handle on the understanding of classifications and CUI, Secret, and TS materials handling. I absolutely can guarantee that a cell phone in your back pocket isn’t one of the authorized repositories of sensitive information.

The final night at Lue’s house, felt as if it summed up my entire experience and solidified my belief that, like Sean said of Lt. Cmdr. Fravor, “none of this was real.” That doesn’t mean that UFOs aren’t real off-world alien craft, only that the dog and pony show I had somehow slipped inside of wasn’t what it was supposed to be, and certainly didn’t feel like it was right. The film crew wanted to shoot an interview scene between myself, Sean and Lue. They selected Lue’s living room as the set location. Nothing was scripted; everything was off the cuff. However, the words that were about to come out of Lue Elizondo’s mouth watered the seed that had been growing for days, and I was screaming inside, “THIS ISN’T RIGHT!

Lue, on camera, and which can be verified through the below tweet by Steven Greenstreet, “offered” us an opportunity to “go and retrieve pieces of alleged material that had been recovered from one of the most interesting events that we now know is real, i.e., Rendalshim.” (

It blew my mind. Twice. Initially, I was frigging ecstatic that I had a mission that was to be documented as I drove across the entirety of the United States, from Las Vegas to Ohio, to retrieve what could be some of the most important artifacts relating to UFOs that humanity possessed. I was thrilled that I would be delivering these to Dr. Hal Putoff in Texas for analysis. I was over the moon thinking how brilliant this would come across on camera — I MADE IT! I was absolutely in the “club” — being trusted with this mission of extreme importance for the entire idea of disclosure. But then, my brief flirtation with this imaginary fantasy world gave way to critical thinking, logical thought, and my bullshit filter.

This. Didn’t. Make. Any. Damn. Sense.

Why? Why? Why would materials from Rendalshim be in a private family’s hands in Ohio? Why would this have not been analyzed before? Why wait for a TV show to highlight the materials and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD — WHY ENTRUST A 23-YEAR-OLD VEHICLE WITH A GEICO LIABILITY-ONLY INSURANCE POLICY TO TRANSPORT WHAT COULD POTENTIALLY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD ACROSS THE ENTIRETY OF THE UNITED STATES? Something like that should have had an armored car convoy with US Marshalls transporting the samples to Los Alamos…not me in a 1999 Land Rover and a radiator hose held together with duct tape. This was dumb. This was disingenuous. This was fakery. This was sensationalism. This was NOT in keeping with my original goal of documenting my search for data — this had been coopted into the “Lue Show” and I wasn’t going to have a damn thing more to do with it.

Or so I thought.

I’m now over 6,000 words in this, Part 3, of “My Search for the Truth about UFOs.” I’ll not let you suffer through more today. Part 4 will cover the pitch of the screener we filmed to media executives from HBO Max, James Fox, Scott Carlin, Jeff Segansky, and some others, and then my final decision to walk away from Lue, Sean, and Jake, entirely.

Until then, dear reader.

Part 4 can be found here:



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