Mega Project — Introduction

Our project is to help an NGO by the name of Seek. The objectives of the NGO is to support children who cannot afford education and also to help medical staff in old homes.

Seek also helps in other cases such as helping someone start a business like purchasing a rickshaw or a cart for someone etc.

Our circle consists of 6 members:

Muhammad Osama Arshad

Saim Ashfaq

Hasnain Pirzada

Muhammad Sajjad

Shaukat Mahmood

and last but not the least

Nabeel Yousaf.

We have arranged a meeting with the chairperson of the NGO in the following Sunday i.e. 9th April, 2017 and will discuss on how we can benefit the organization.

We sincerely hope that we can benefit the organization and help it in furthering its social cause and effort.

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