The day I changed

He was sitting with me in a Masjid. He was born in Pakistan but currently he is a doctor in the U.S. He is quite successful by any material standards that we humans have associated with happiness and success.

He calls to me and asked my a question.

“Osama, do you know the meaning between taqwa and tawakkul?”

“Yes”, I replied, “Tawakkul is trusting Allah, and taqwa is abstaining from evil for fear of him.”

He affirmed my answer. He then said:

“Osama, let me tell you something that has help me throughout my life.”

I was curious.

“Something that has helped me throughout my life is long prayers and supplications. Every once in a while, take some time out to offer 2 rakats of nafl Salaah and after that sit down and supplicate for as long as you like. Pray for yourself, your parents, your friends and anyone else who you have in mind. Ask whatever you want. Ask of the dunya as well as the akhira’.”

I’ve acted upon his advice and it has been very, very fruitful in my entire life.

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