Thoughts of mine in Saudi Arabia.

I came Saudi Arabia dreaming of making money that let me out of my country..

But i am out of it already, that’s true i came from Egypt where we live unstable political life with all of its lovers and haters,

When i came Saudi i found the nothing to do, I’ve found how we could make a freeman like a slave, then you start to think what’s better living in Great country like Egypt with a no quality presidents and government and collect money slowly to take you out since you need to have like USD 10,000 initially in your bank account to get Visa easily to be outdoor while you make USD 300–500 a month! Hey! Cut the living expenses and friends bonding since you won’t jail yourself to save money.

Could you ask me why Saudi Arabia will never make it to an Advanced country?

I tell you, let us see how people here work, you have to have a guy they call him a “Kafil” that is your master, You can not go out of the country except his permission, you cannot work for another company except he agrees, he could put you jail with nothing just because he has a network and you are his Slave, I love Mecca and Madina these two city’s what matter to me in Saudi, I could say matter to all Muslims.

That is my writing i just try…

I just got to watch a Jerry Maguire Movie and it got me inspired

By …his writing “things we know but we don’t say”