Why you need to write shorter?

Einstein once said “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” He is right. The question is, do we make everything as simple as possible?

Literature is delicious. It is a pleasure. For literature, one cannot say or one shouldn’t say that this piece of poetry is too long or this novel could be written in 200 pages instead of 500. Except literature, literature as in fine arts, we write things because there is something we want to say. So, we need to refine our telling.

For instance, I believe that one should study psychology and sociology in order to understand occult, hermetic, esoteric notions. Not in the sense that I find them folkloric I think they point to some portion of truth. To be able to get the hang of that, one needs to know himself. Psychology and sociology are so far the best tools in our hands to know ourselves.

Beyond supporting this argument with a couple of meaningful example, I don’t need to go any further and make an essay out of this. However, we are doomed to write longer. We need to see our writing as a rich piece of advice or something that looks like a block of wisdom or something very scientific or something very dominant.

Those are only bits and pieces of our own cognitive distortions. It is true that the majority would look at your writing for how long it is and appreciate your sentences and paragraphs but these people will not understand your arguments anyway. You’re audience already consist of people who will understand and appreciate the meaning behind your arguments.

It is the meaning which is delivered. It is not letters, words, paragraphs.

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