Switching to SSD for Front-End Web Development

I spend 8 hours a day working on Front-end projects and compiling SASS/Jade files. usually, this is not a torture unless you are working with large-scale project and your machine is taking about 2 seconds to compile scss every time you click save.

so i started searching for ways to speed up this task, i switched from grunt to gulp i also tried to use libsass directly without any build system. After wasting so much time optimizing my project environment and code without any real gain, I left with no choice but to upgrade my hardware.
Compiling Sass is in the most part of it a possessor job but accessing this big number of small files in node_modules folder and project folder causes small delay in compilation process and eliminating this delay by using SSD disk instead of traditional HDD was my target.

Is this article i will post few numbers i got by switching from HDD to SSD on my laptop:

- Intel® Core™ i3 4030U Processor
- 8GB DDR3 Ram
- Windows 10 Pro
- NodeJs v6.9.5

The first comparison i made by using a small software called CrystalDiskMark
to compare read/write speed for large and 4k files.
and here’s what i got before upgrading:

HDD Toshiba MQ01ABF050 Performance

And this is how much it took to build small scss project ( bootstrap-scss + few other small libraries and mixins ) using gulp and libsass

NodeJS 6.9 + Gulp + libsas: the time taken to compile small project is 0.65 sec.

However, after spending some time searching about the best SSD for my budget i found this Kingston SSDNow UV400. which costs 2500 Czech Republic Koruna ( around 97$ ).

And here’s the results i got:

  • Windows load time was super fast, no more than 15 seconds to see my desktop from a complete shutdown.
  • All the applications are snapping, the speed i got on JetBrains PHPStorm & WebStorm was noticeable, very low indexing time and the application become very responsive.
  • SSD’s Read/Write Report:
SSDNow UV400

The Moment Of Truth: Gulp + LibScss compilation Time

here’s the results i got after running gulp watch-all command on the same project:

NodeJS 6.9 + Gulp + libsas: the time taken to compile small project is about 0.2 sec. On SSD Disk.

The compilation process is now 3 times faster than before with the same environment.

From my experience, investing in an SSD to gain better overall performance for your coding machine is not a waste of money, it might be the cheapest hardware upgrade you can get for the maximum gain.

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