Moving on versus Giving up

:I personally think it takes just as much strength to move on from something as it does to keep pushing through adversity. Coming to that conclusion is not easy. It often means that we have hit our threshold, and some people believe it is equivalent to “giving up”.

I’ll reassure you — it’s not. There is a world of a difference between giving up because things became difficult versus moving on because you no longer possess the means to keep going, or it’s becoming unhealthy, or it’s just simply time to move on. Whatever the case may be, you aren’t just giving up in the second circumstance because of opposition. So, the question becomes, when is it okay to move on? When can we move on without being labeled a “quitter”.

Whether we’re talking about a dream, goal, job, or relationship, it doesn’t matter. This can be applied to a broad range of subjects because we really need to distinguish between moving on and giving up. I believe it’s critical to us being able to live with the decisions we’ve made and be confident in those decisions.

It’s a terrible feeling to feel like you’ve given up on something that could have been beneficial to your development as a person. It downright sucks to think that you haven’t given yourself a fair chance to accomplish something. Chances are, there are things that you have moved on from in the past, maybe with a little regret. That’s okay. The important thing is to recognize why that regret exists. Could you have tried harder? Or did you give all you had? Was it realistic? Or was this some fairy-tale that you’d conjured up?

I remember hearing a quote that I often resonate with when I feel like I need to make a “crisis” decision — “nothing is ever as good or as bad as it seems”. Continue to make changes as you see fit. It is your life after all. As long as you have the support, you’re taking your time, and you’re making sure that you take care of yourself along the way, I think everything is going to be alright.