Google Cloud’s Spot Instances Win Big and You Should Too
Tino Tereshko

This was a great read Tino! Having spent the last 3 years working with spot instances, I had a couple of things in mind:

  • competitive/stock-market-kind-of pricing can be beneficial. If you are smart in bidding and selecting spot markets, you’d be good.
  • How often do you actually lose an instance on EC2 spot? I’ve run significantly large production workloads on AWS spot instances and did some research on price vs mean time between losing instances and found out some very interesting things. For example, if you bid $15/hour for an r3.8xlarge in us-west-1 (EC2), you’d end up paying ~$0.45/hour on average over a period on 3 months and would lose an instance every 41 days on average. Yes, due to the high bid price ($15/hour) you’d be getting a few hours or couple days where you are paying crazily but does that matter over a longer period of time? With Google preemptible instances long running instances aren’t possible (24 hour deadline). And catering for the 24 hour termination is possible but tedious.

Personally, I’d be excited to see Google drop the 24 hour fixed termination thing :)

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