The aftermath — What’s next for Kucoin?

$100 KCS? Comparing Kucoin with NASDAQ stocks

  1. My target is $10bn volume, not $1bn. You can then 10x those 1.5x, putting it at 15x instead.
  2. If you use NASDAQ’s current P/E ratio of 22 instead of their projected 15, you can multiply those 15x with another 1.5x, and now we are looking at 22.5x.
  3. If you think KCS is representative of Kucoin as a whole, and not only the 15% dividends it will give, you are looking at multiplying by another 6.5x, meaning the very optimistic target becomes 146x of todays price, or a target of $2000. It is debatable if you can/should do this, but it is up to you and how conservative you are with your investments. Personally I do not recommend setting this target, but it is a fun thought.




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