How To Re-boot An Overactive Immune System Without Needles or Drugs

“As you begin to heal the inner you, you alter your immune system.”

- Wayne Dyer, philosopher & author

If you’ve ever dealt with an over-active immune system you know how frustrating it can be.

Whether it be due to allergies, gut issues, or autoimmune issues, a haywire immune system can have us feeling like we have no control over our body’s responses.

I dealt with this first hand a few years ago when I was diagnosed with an inflammatory bowel condition that had me bleeding with every bowel movement, every day.

I couldn’t seem to get my symptoms under control and not even medication was helping.

It wasn’t until I went to see a naturopathic doctor that we discovered the inflammation was actually caused by multiple gut infections.

The infections had gone undetected for so long they had caused damage to my intestinal lining, creating the heightened immune response along with newly developed food allergies.

The whole experience was pretty scary and it challenged my conceptions around health and healing.

I knew I had to seek out alternative practices and solutions when my gastroenterologist, who happened to be one of the best in Sydney, looked at me point blank and said:

“There is no known cause and therefore there is no known cure for your condition. The only thing we can do is just treat it with medication and see which one works best.”

Intuitively I knew that there were more pieces to this puzzle, I knew that there were other avenues I could take to balance my body out.

So I began doing some soul searching and personal development because I wanted to understand the psychosomatic factors at play in my symptoms.

It made sense to me that our physical ailments and conditions are connected to mental and emotional components so I wanted to understand what was underneath mine.

This is a different and unique perspective on healing, and it’s one that has greatly helped me regain control of my health and body.

I have not had a flare up yet.

Some time ago I met with David Kennet, who is the creator of ISR (Immune System Reboot). He’s created a safe and natural approach to helping re-educate our immune system without the use of needles and drugs.

We share many perspectives in common and David offered up some insightful points about how to re-balance body and mind.

Here’s our conversation…

OSMARA: “An overactive, hypersensitive immune system often leads to many allergies. Including food sensitivities and environmental sensitivities.

Our immune system is our defense system, designed beautifully to defend us from pathogens, viruses, and anything that can potentially cause our body harm.

Trauma, whether be emotional or physical, causes us to protect ourselves. Not only hardening us when we come into contact with harmless experiences, but also causes us to become intolerant toward beneficial experiences as well.

Whether we like it or not, how we process our emotions has a direct consequence on how our body processes our environment and what we are eating.”

Great quote David, so good to have you on here. How are you?

DAVID: I’m wonderful! Thank you, Osmara. I’m very honored to be here. Thank you.

OSMARA: Absolutely. That was a wonderful quote. And that’s exactly the reason why I’m really excited to have this chat with you.

DAVID: I’m borrowing different methods to help just balance the body. To help people restore clarity. Not only on an emotional level, but also physical and spiritual level. So I’m finding that borrowing these experiences, these gifts I have, using them together seems to really be beneficial for a lot of people.

OSMARA: You know one of the things that I love is talking about the Neo-Renaissance. And how we’re in an unprecedented time in history where art and science and the ancient wisdom practices are all kind of converging and we’re starting to see that we can get really creative about different ways that we can go about understanding our bodies. And then also facilitating that process of wholeness and reintegration, which is exactly what you do.

DAVID: Exactly. Wholeness is a great word for it because I am a holistic nutritionist, holistic allergist. And what that means is, that when we’re looking at someone’s health, somebody’s well-being, we’re really not just looking at the physical. We’re including the emotional and the spiritual.

And because in essence, we are just so much more than just physical beings. We are energetic beings, we’re emotional beings. And you really have to look at all those factors when you’re looking at what’s at the root cause of somebody’s challenge.

This approach has helped me and this is the approach that helps others. And the amazing thing is that, really, we are all fundamentally designed to heal. Our bodies are wired to heal. And so, everyone has this ability, sometimes that potential appears to go to sleep or shut off.

And that’s kind of a mystery why that happens. But I have a very strong feeling that that is connected to how we emote, how we experience our reality, how we think. And also how we communicate with our body. And one of the things I like to do is, I really think it’s important for people be aware that they are their own best healers. I kind of steer away of that title as ‘healer’ because basically everyone is a healer.

In fact our bodies are designed to heal. Whether you want to heal others is kind of not necessarily to the point, but the point is our bodies definitely know how to heal themselves. There are ways that we can kind of communicate with the body that helped that healing potential awaken. And one of the things I like to show people is, that we can actually communicate with the cells of our body. All the cells of our body are actually intelligent.

Trillions and trillions of cells in our body actually have an intelligence. And if you look at it on a basic, obvious level, our immune system, the white blood cells are programmed to recognize a pathogen or a virus.

And then will team up, they’ll communicate with one another and they’ll actually tackle a pathogen or a virus. This is why eventually we’ll get over a cold or a flu because our immune system is literally intelligent. So knowing that our body’s intelligent, not just our brain, but all the cells of body are intelligent.

OSMARA: Yes, yes. Every single one of them.

DAVID: They’re like little people.

OSMARA: The micro to the macro, right?

DAVID: Exactly. So there’s this incredible community of intelligence within our body. And there’s ways of accessing that intelligence. And one of the ways is through prayer. And that’s something I like to incorporate in my sessions with people. This is something your audience can do just from after hearing this.

To pray to each of your vital organs or any part of your body that you might be concerned about. That might feel like it’s out of balance. It could be your adrenal glands. That’s often a big topic these days because everyone’s feeling just so stressed out. Maybe not getting enough sleep.

Or having to work so many hours to get by. So needless to say, our adrenal glands tend to be over-worked. One thing we can do to kind of awaken that healing potential is to put our hands over our adrenal glands, which are located on top of our kidneys. So the kidneys are kind of the lower back area of body.

You can put your hands there right now and you can direct this prayer, which you’re probably familiar with it, Osmara. It’s a simple prayer: “I Love You”. We’re projecting these words right now to your adrenal glands. “I love you, thank you.” And you can say that prayer as many times as you want.

The key here is to really say it like you mean it, because you’re really talking to little people. Thousands of little people. Millions of little people that are in your body called cells that have an intelligence. So that might sound farfetched, but it’s quite amazing what I’ve seen happen with this.

Just a simple prayer. One of the things I do is, I use applied kinesiology or muscle testing, when I see a client. And I’ll muscle test them, for instance, if their adrenals are balanced or not. And very often, the adrenals won’t be because people are stressed out.

OSMARA: We’re all stressed out. Yeah.

DAVID: We’re all stressed out!

OSMARA: We’re all stressed out and run down, and overwhelmed with technology and everything else. So you said something really interesting and I just want to point it out too.

Prayer is also a form of, let’s say, what are other words we can call it? Meditation, mindfulness, connection, coming into the present moment? There have been plenty of studies that can be related to the power of our words and the power of our intention. And the body’s ability to listen and to register it. So thank you for sharing that.

DAVID: What I’ll do is, I’ll check the client when they come in. And many times as I’ve said, their adrenal glands will be weak or they will be out of balance. And I do this applied kinesiology and I use people’s fingers. So I try to open their fingers, they try to resist me. And we’re checking the adrenals. And they’ll go weak, if it’s out of balance, the body will go weak. If there’s any kind of confusion for that matter, if it’s an allergy or let’s say, it’s dust or pollen, the body will go weak if there’s an intolerance. So anyway, I can test the organs this way as well.

So after doing this prayer, this very simple prayer, just saying it a couple of times, I recheck them on their adrenal glands and they’re strong as Iron Man or as strong as Superwoman. They’re just unbelievably strong!

What that indicates to me, not necessarily that the adrenals are suddenly better. They might be, because I believe that’s also possible. But what it indicates to me is that the body has already started to kick in the healing power. The prayer itself actually stimulates the healing potential of the body.

We’re designed to heal. And very often I feel that the body is not doing its job of healing because it’s like, if you’re the president of a corporation, you’re the CEO of this corporation and you have all these workers working on your behalf. You decide, “Well, I’m not going to pay you.” or “I’m not even going to thank you for your job.” I mean, what do you think is going to happen?

There’s going to be resentment. People are not really going to care frankly. After a while, they might not even care about being there or even working for you. So, the same thing with the body.

OSMARA: Great analogy.

DAVID: So we have this incredible workhorse that’s working on our behalf. We don’t even have to think about our adrenal glands. We don’t even have to think about our liver. These incredible organs.

The liver has over 400 different functions, as far as I understand. This is one of the most complicated organs besides the brain. It’s an incredible miracle. So needless to say, I think it’s probably a good idea to thank our liver.

OSMARA: Thank you! Thank you, body! Thank you every part of our body! Because it’s all the whole and encompassing. I’m going to quote you again. You said, “Our inability to cope with emotions can have a direct impact on our immune system. Thus, lead to an allergy. Immune System Reboot, or ISR, helps the body safely regain balance and clarity on the level of the body, mind and spirit.” Beautiful.

Because it seems to me in the last few years, autoimmune diseases and dysfunctions are on the rise. Allergies, food sensitivities. I mean, I’m so surprised to see gluten-free options popping up. I’m very grateful for that.

But it seems there’s this epidemic on the rise. And as far as I’m concerned, its causes are anywhere from, like you were saying, emotional to the environmental to all of this stuff. Talk to me about what is ISR, Immune System Reboot. It’s your brainchild right?

DAVID: Yes. I’ve developed this.

OSMARA: Tell me about it.

DAVID: It’s a synergistic combination of Craniosacral Therapy, which is a massage technique. It’s very, very gentle. Very non-invasive that helps the cerebrospinal fluid flow better from the brain down the spinal column which helps basically balance the whole, all the body systems. Balances your nervous system. Has a host of benefits if you look at the Upledger website, which is where I studied the Upledger Institute in Florida.


DAVID: So if you just check on that website, you’ll see all the benefits of Craniosacral Therapy. So it has a host of benefits. But one of the reasons why I like to use it is basically it balances your vagus nerve. That’s part of our Parasympathetic Nervous System. Some of your listeners might be familiar with some of these parts of your body. When we’re having a lot of stress, our parasympathetic is usually out of balance.

And the vagus nerve is also out of balance. The vagus nerve has to do with digestion, your breathing rate, your heart rate. And so it affects incredible amounts of functions in the body, that’s just the vagus nerve. So it’s very beneficial to stimulate the vagus nerve, to balance the vagus nerve, with regards to your overall health.

But in this case, with allergies. And then I also use something called, acupressure, which is just stimulating these various acupuncture points. But instead of using needles, I use my fingers.

OSMARA: Okay. And acupressure points are the meridians in traditional Chinese medicine, is that the same concept?

DAVID: Correct, correct. I’m using very specific points that are effective with getting information into the body. And the third method I use is sound. So I use a drum. I’ll use my voice. I’ll use singing bowls. The drum, frankly, is one of the most powerful healing tools because the drum basically makes the body vibrates. Drum over the body, you’re doing a few things. You’re activating neurochemicals that are very healing, like oxytocin and endorphins. But also, more importantly, sound is a carrier wave. So sound actually can carry information into the body.

OSMARA: Oh, I love that. Say that again, that is good.

DAVID: So sound is a carrier wave. Sound can carry information into the body. This is why music is so powerful. This is why sacred chanting is so important. What your word, the words you speak are so important because every word you say is actually going into your cells. But fundamentally, in this case, what we’re doing is we’re specifically sending the information of the allergen. Let’s say, for instance, a client is allergic to gluten or wheat, those are very common ones. By drumming over the body as that substance is on the body, this is helping carry the information into the cells and rebooting the confusion.

So I’m going to step back here and just explain what I mean by confusion. When we have an allergy or sensitivity, not always, but in most cases, an allergy is due to a misperception. The body is simply confused. That’s all that’s happening. The body, the white blood cells, our immune system, is designed to defend us from something that is harmful. A pathogen or a virus, that kind of thing. In the case of an allergy, the body is overly defensive. It’s confused with things, for instance, that wheat is going to kill you. You know, dust or grass, or cat hair, dog hair, is actually an immediate threat to your body. When really, it’s not. Those things are really pretty much harmless.

OSMARA: Is that kind of like, I’ve heard other people when they’re describing the ‘Fight or Flight’ and we’re in survival mode. And let’s say the amygdala goes off, a garden hose can register as a snake in your mind.

DAVID: Exactly, exactly. Now I don’t pretend to have the answer, like what causes an allergy. I think that’s the million dollar question. But there’s a good chance that the emotions are part of it. Definitely emotions, I feel, are a part of it. But it’s a mystery. Allergies are a little bit of mystery. What I do know for sure is that ISR, Immune System Reboot, works. This works, because what it’s doing is it’s re-educating the immune system. And allergies are basically, an immune system malfunction. A misunderstanding, a misperception.

OSMARA: Cables crossed.

DAVID: Yeah. And why that confusion happens, again, that is a mystery. So, emotions are a big part of it. But then again, so then how does a baby suddenly have allergies and it hardly doesn’t really have emotions yet. Or it’s very new to the planet.

OSMARA: Right.

DAVID: It gets a little more complex there. We can say maybe the emotions from the mother. It gets a little bit out there.

OSMARA: Yeah that would that would have us on a five hour debate.

DAVID: Right, exactly! But ultimately, it’s safe to say… More than safe, it’s a fact that when we have an allergy, there is, more times than not, it’s an immune malfunction. And so what I’ve done here is found a way.

And there are other ways out there, but the method I have created, ISR, is 90% effective. And I get a very high success rate using this method. What I’m doing is re-educating the immune system to understand what a substance is. So in the case of wheat, dust, we can just help the body see dust is dust. It’s not a pathogen, it’s not a virus.

A dust mite is a dust mine. It’s not a pathogen, it’s not a virus. So once your immune system sees something clearly, it makes a switch. And that’s how intelligent our body is. It just needs to see something clearly. And the reason why it starts to see clearly is because the information has gone in way deep, not just the blood. You know the doctors, conventional medicine, will often use allergy shots as a way to combat allergies.

And you notice that many people repeatedly have to take these shots. It’s not a permanent result. They might get some relief, but then they have to continue with their allergy shots. And the reason for that is because the allergen is just floating around in the bloodstream. And the immune system is going to maybe adapt to it slightly, but not fully. The key is to get the information into the cytoplasm, and that’s not an easy thing to do.

OSMARA: Cytoplasm is for those who don’t know?

DAVID: So the cytoplasm is the liquid part of the cell. We’re getting a little more scientific. But some people may have remembered this from Biology and from school. So sound, penetrates the cell wall. The cell wall has a, it’s a fatty, it’s a bi-layer lipid. It’s a fat layer that needs to be penetrated. And the only way you can penetrate it is with light. You can use energy medicine like Reiki. And sound. Those are different ways you can actually get into the cytoplasm as far as I understand.

OSMARA: Are there any studies that have been done? How do we know that?

DAVID: Honestly, I don’t know if there’s ever been any study. I think what I’m doing is very cutting edge. This is my understanding of why what I do works, it’s because I’m literally re-programming or clarifying for the body on a very, very root level. The confusion that’s happening. It’s happening within the cytoplasm. And that’s why the results are happening. And that’s why the results are, for the most part, permanent. It’s not like people don’t have to keep up in coming to me, or speaking to me over Skype.

Once they have one or two sessions with one particular allergen, they’re good to go. Pollen is a little more complicated because pollens change. You can have various different pollens, and I can help people become desensitized to specific pollens. But if the pollens are changed again, then we have to go back to doing it again.

But I’ll give you an example I was just in New York and I have a client there who’s a registered nurse. And she’s been giving, and I just this out because after two times of seeing her, she’s now no longer allergic to her cat. And she has been allergic to cats for 10 years. And for 10 years straight, she’s been taking an allergy shot every single week of her life.


DAVID: That’s how bad her allergy is to her cat. Now I didn’t know this until I just recently saw her again. And she told me she is off the allergy shot, I didn’t tell her to stop taking it, I’m not a doctor so I can’t say, “stop taking your allergy shots.” That’s not my place. But she decided to stop with her allergy shots, and she’s no longer reacting to her cat. This is 10 years of taking allergy shots every single week. Pretty remarkable.

This is by using this method that I’m talking about. So we had her take a sample of her cat hair and we placed that on her body, and we used these different modalities that I’m talking about. And the different modalities — the Craniosacral Therapy, the acupressure and the sound — are ways of getting information deep into the body. Once that information is in the body, then the immune system wakes up and says, “Oh, that’s just cat hair! I don’t need react like I’m being attacked.”

It’s not an immediate threat. So this essential, these methods that I’m talking about are ways to reboot your immune system. The same thing applies, by the way, to emotions. So this is where it gets interesting because I do believe that we store our trauma in our cells.

OSMARA: Yeah. And there’s been a lot of resources out there that go into that. That’s why the yoga community, they’re talking about how certain poses and certain ways of putting our body, it not only brings certain vital organs and detoxifies and stimulate glands, but it also liberates trapped emotions that are in the musculature and within every layer of our being.

DAVID: Absolutely. Sometimes I think even in a yoga class, that things can come out for people.

OSMARA: They do, absolutely.

DAVID: Our bodies are designed to release. It’s so important that, you know, it’s natural to have all these emotions. There’s nothing wrong with any emotion. The key is, for optimal health, the emotions need to flow. And if they build up, particularly if it’s a lower vibrational emotion, like anger, sadness, grief, or depression. These are what I call, lower, I don’t like the terminology negative, they’re just lower vibrations.

OSMARA: They’re lower frequency. Right.

DAVID: There’s nothing wrong for having these emotions. They’re completely human, and they’re normal.

OSMARA: They’re feedbacks to us.

DAVID: Right. So there’s nothing wrong. But they need to flow. So if you have a build up of sadness, this can actually affect, I’m just going to bring you back to our immune system. It affects a lot of things. But to keep it on topic here, grief, sadness, these things, any kind of trauma, an emotional trauma, can affect our immune system.

OSMARA: Right. And let’s just clarify, it doesn’t have to be, like you said, physical trauma. It can be any kind of emotional trauma or perceived trauma generated because we create the stories and we give meaning to the events. The events themselves are neutral until we give them a story. And a lot of times, our point of reference is 95% our past.

DAVID: Right. Exactly, exactly. So it’s important to let yourself release these things. Let them go. And I’m not a psychotherapist, and I always sure to tell people that. I’m not a psychotherapist and I recommend counseling if that’s appropriate. Professional Counseling. If you haven’t had it and you’ve had a lot of trauma in your life. What I do is an energetic approach to emotions. And it’s a wonderful adjunct to other help you might be getting. So I like to use something called, “Heart-Wall”. It’s from the emotion code, which Dr. Bradley Nelson developed. He’s a chiropractic doctor.

OSMARA: What is it called again?

DAVID: It’s called the Emotion Code. He has written a book, Dr. Bradley Nelson. I highly recommend it.


DAVID: It’s a method of releasing emotions that may have built up around our heart. So he calls it “Heart Wall.” Over time, we can create, unfortunately, we often will create a wall around our heart because we’ve had so much stuff that we’ve gone through. Somebody said something to us when we were a kid in school. Our parents said something. Who knows what it is. But over time, we can create this kind of wall around our heart and this can also affect your physical health. He also has something called the “Body Code.” But I focus mostly on the “Emotion Code” part of it. So Dr. Bradley Nelson, you can look it up.

OSMARA: Awesome. We’ll also put them in the resources section. Are you familiar the work that the Institute of HeartMath has done on heart coherence?

DAVID: Yes, yes. I don’t have a lot of knowledge about that but I like that concept of finding ways of maintain the heart coherence.

OSMARA: Yeah. Just to kind of blend into what you’re saying for the listeners. The Institute of HeartMath has spent 20 plus years researching the effects of stress on the body and on the heart. Through their research, they’ve discovered that, first of all, the heart has an electromagnetic field up to 5 thousand times stronger than the brain.

And when we’re in a state of heart coherence, is when we’re feeling those, what you would call, high-frequency emotions, like happiness, gratitude, appreciation, inspiration. And when we’re in heart coherence, it can also be parallel to when our brain is in alpha brainwave state.

And actually, interestingly enough, that also equates to the earth’s own electromagnetic field, the Schumann Resonance, which is 7.8 Hz. So it’s almost like, layer by layer, we’re interconnected with the earth.

We’re interconnected with each other. And we’re interconnected with ourselves through this powerful energy field. Literal biomechanical energy field that is radiated from our heart. And so that the heart even has precognitive capabilities when we’re in heart coherence.

So just wanted to blend that in with what you’re saying because I think it’s very important in terms of the emotional management of things.

DAVID: Absolutely. Yes. I also want to mention not only is it important to release these things, but then it’s important to bring in. I’m on the school of thought that it’s not good enough to just release.

OSMARA: I agree.

DAVID: There’s no vacuum in this universe. Once you empty that cup, something’s got to fill it.

OSMARA: Right! Something will fill it!

DAVID: Something will fill it!

OSMARA: Oh, I forget the law! Dr. John Demartini talks about that. If you don’t fill your time with high priority things, then the low priority things will fill up your time.

DAVID: Exactly, exactly. And so, wellness over health is a very proactive field because we can’t just leave it up to the universe to fill your cup. It’s better to have an intention. We’re surrounded by so much misinformation. We live in a capitalist society. It’s wonderful in so many ways, I love this country. But one of the aspects of capitalism is selling you stuff.

OSMARA: Oh we’re so overwhelmed with so much of that.

DAVID: Bombarded with subliminal messages everywhere.


DAVID: So we have to be proactive in what it is exactly we really wish to experience. How to really empower ourselves. What ideas are going to empower you?

OSMARA: Well that’s mastery isn’t it? Self-mastery is to be aware of what you’re inputting through all of your sense.

DAVID: Exactly. So what I found, and this is where again, I mentioned Dr. Bradley Nelson. I’ve taken it, I don’t want to say further, that sounds so arrogant. But I have my slant on how I use that. And after I have people release what doesn’t serve them, I like to bring in what they desire. And I do that through sound. So because again, sound gets into your subconscious very easily. Gets into your cells. So we use intention, we use sound to carry intention into the cytoplasm. And that’s where, again, great deep healing can happen. Change can happen because 90% of our reality is governed by our subconscious.

OSMARA: Absolutely! 95, you know.

DAVID: They keep on raising that!

OSMARA: Basically, 3 to 4% is what we’re aware of and the rest we’re not. And that’s what runs us. That’s what shapes our world.

DAVID: So it doesn’t matter how many times you can say, “Oh, I wish to find my soul mate.” “I wish I have a healthy relationship.” You can say these things over and over to yourself. If your subconscious is in contradiction to that. If it’s not in harmony with that.

If it’s not synchronized with that frequency, it’s just not going to happen. So what I find, just like you can be intolerant to gluten, you can be intolerant to wheat, you can be intolerant to cat hair, you can be intolerant, guess what? To having a healthy relationship. You can be intolerant, literally, on a cellular level, your body is rejecting it.

OSMARA: Wow, that’s powerful.

DAVID: Rejecting the idea, the frequency of money, success, confidence. Confidence is so underrated. Confidence is probably one of the most important things, attributes, of your personality to really conquer all your fears. Confidence is so important. So basically we can re-program.

You can re-program yourselves to frequencies. And I can test for this with muscle testing or anybody who knows, not just me, anybody who knows how to muscle test can test you on an idea. See how your subconscious is dealing with it. If you go weak on the frequency of money.

If you go weak on the frequency on the idea of soul mate, healthy relationship, it’s because there’s confusion. Just like your immune system was confused about that dust, your cells are also confused about that idea called healthy relationship, money, success.


DAVID: So the good news is, you can reprogram this using sound. And this is something that is part of ISR.

OSMARA: I want to get a clear idea of working with you. You say that you do Skype sessions too, so it’s not just in person.

DAVID: So I have an office in New York City. And I also have offices in California, in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. But what I’ve been finding is that I’m getting incredible results over Skype.

OSMARA: That’s what fascinates me. How does that work? Because with the craniosacral and the acupressure and all that, don’t you have to be with the person or do you teach them how to do it on themselves?

DAVID: That’s what I do. So obviously if somebody can be with me in person, that’s preferable. But what I’ve done is, I’ve found a way of basically imparting a lot of my knowledge in showing people where to press on their body. Finding those meridian points and pressing those points on a call. As well as a guided meditation that I use to clear the intolerance. I’ve had really exciting success.

Just recently actually, there’s a woman in Florida. Actually, her daughter has asthma, and they just recently purchased a little kitten. And their daughter started getting some really bad reactions to the cat, having to take her inhaler because she’s an asthmatic, 4, 5–6 times a day ever since they got the kitten. So they did two Skype calls with me and using these techniques, now she’s able to sleep with her kitten. She’s sleeping with the kitten, no reaction, she’s not having to take her inhaler.

OSMARA: That’s wonderful.

DAVID: So it works!

OSMARA: You’re getting results. That’s the thing. How important is the why, if we can see the results with something. You don’t really need to know the why, as much just trust the process. Just see. The more you start having more and more results, the more that kind of snowball effects. I think a big component of healing, is believing. The biology of belief, as Bruce Lipton would say.

DAVID: Correct. I agree with you, Osmara. But also there is a why. Even though there hasn’t been scientific studies on my approach, the why is that I’m getting information into the cells.

OSMARA: Yeah, that’s what I find fascinating. I would love for you to get deep into that and then we’ll have a whole other episode on that.

DAVID: I also would add too, that I have plenty of skeptics.

OSMARA: I’m sure you have! Which have only made your practice stronger I’m sure.

DAVID: Exactly. So I know I believe in the placebo effects. I do believe that’s a reality. And I’ve also seen that people don’t really have to believe. I don’t particularly like to work with people who think I’m full of it, because I’ve had so much success for this. I find it a little offensive. But that’s okay though. People can be skeptical about what I’m doing. And it still works. And I’ve had several people, even medical doctors, come through my office doors who were very skeptical and it still worked. And they were beside themselves. Usually, people that are most skeptical are my best cheerleaders. And they get the results.

OSMARA: And that’s thing isn’t it? We’re going to have an equal amount of support and challenge. And haters and lovers. And neither one, you know, that’s the way of the master. You don’t get charged by all of the accolades, but you still don’t get charged by all of the other stuff. And you kind of work through that. And so, the more revolutionary something is and the more unique it is in that way, the more you’re going to encounter opposition just because that’s just how it’s always been.

People are going to question it. But that fact that you are getting these results with your clients is just, like I said, so many. And now I feel like so many kids and babies are being born with so many sensitivities of this nature. So the work that you’re doing is so important in that way. I don’t think the correlation between emotions and the immune system, most of us don’t know that.

DAVID: And yet it makes logical sense when you think about it.

OSMARA: And then it does!

DAVID: Yeah.

OSMARA: But then, it’s so common sense that you’re like, “Oh wow!”

DAVID: Right. After a trauma, your body essentially feels like it’s been attacked. Which it has been on some level. And so it makes sense that our immune system is going to be a little bit oversensitive because our immune system is our defense system. The emotional, physical connection is, is kind of logical.

OSMARA: It is. And we know that most diseases stem from stress. Stress weakens the immune system.

DAVID: Absolutely. And then we haven’t even covered this, what we eat is a very important aspect of all of this too.


DAVID: I’m a registered holistic nutritionist. That’s something that I always explore in sessions with my clients. And particularly, there’s something that your audience should know is that sugar is something. If you’re suffering from any allergy, it’s the first thing you want to start to really cut out — sugar. Because sugar disrupts our immune system. It really affects cellular communication. It’s like, I like to give the analogy of your white blood cells, again our defense system.

They’re this army that teams up against pathogens and viruses. They have to communicate. They have to say, “Hey, I think I see something that’s not supposed to be here. Let’s team up and trap this pathogen and destroy it.” So that communication has to happen. Sugar, basically causes static on the airways. Imagine your white blood cells are using walkie-talkies and they’re communicating with walkie-talkies. And all of the sudden you ingest sugar and now you’ve got static. It’s just noise and they can’t communicate.

And this creates chaos. And it’s interesting if you notice, you see it with children. That they’ll go to a party. They would be a birthday party. And the next day, a lot of them get sick. There’s this assumption that it’s just because they were around other kids.

OSMARA: Right.

DAVID: But actually, what’s really happened is that they’ve lowered the strength of their immune system by eating all that sugar probably at the party. All the cake, and the soda and the fruit juice. And that’s making them more susceptible to getting sick. And so sugar is a big factor. Notice, sometimes if you pay attention to your body, you’ll know notice how it reacts. And a lot of people, a lot of us don’t even pay attention to this. But if you start drinking a glass of wine or eat ice cream. Just pay attention to what’s happening with your body. Pay attention to just start to notice you’ll be a little bit congested.


DAVID: You’ll start noticing this it’s very interesting. The body is not so happy with sugar.

OSMARA: I think, and I have been guilty of this too myself, we get wrapped up in our heads and our minds. And like we were saying, bombarded with this and that, stimulation and technology. And work, and this and that. We are not in our bodies. And we forget, we’re desensitized. We’re numbed out, we numb out to what it feels like to be in our body. So it’s kind of like when there’s a ringing in your ear and that’s so annoying.

But eventually, after an hour, you’re not going to hear it but it’s still there. I think it’s so important. Know thyself, know thyself on all levels. Really take the time to do that. And sometimes if you’re like me and you have this monkey mind and this control freak mind, that’s just going a thousand miles a minute. That’s why techniques, like the breathing and the mindfulness, going out for a walk barefoot. Hug a tree, people laugh at me for that. But hug a damn tree and you will feel better!


OSMARA: It’s just so important because we can’t, here’s what we know that we don’t know. And then there’s what we don’t know that we don’t know. And until we can silence all of that, to come back within, and really even know what that is, then we’re just running in circles.

DAVID: In the beginning of this show, we talked about communicating with our body, with prayer and showing our body love and intention. But also, now you’re mentioning is, is to listen to what our body is saying.


DAVID: It’s a two-way communication system. Our body gives us feedback. And when we feel discomfort, our body is saying, “Pay attention! What are you doing? Pay attention to me.” And that’s what we need to do. We need to listen. You know, in relationships, it’s so important to listen to one another, right? Really, really hear what your partner is saying. Why don’t we do that with our body? This is a very important relationship to have, is how we’re relating with our body. How we view our body. Just loving it up and really caring, nurturing ourselves with self-care, self-love. Taking time just to nurture ourselves.

Not getting so, trying not to get so run down. I mean, a lot of people have difficult lives it’s hard to always slow down. But it’s absolutely vital and crucial to take time for yourself. I really highly encourage that. Even if it’s 5, 10 minutes a day of just sitting still and taking deep breaths.


DAVID: Deep diaphragmatic breaths. The deep breaths, by the way, helps balance your vagus nerve. And there’s been also studies, that point to the importance of deep breathing. So deep breaths from your diaphragm, which is really the base of your rib cage. Making sure that you’re really taking a full deep breath and doing that for 5 minutes. Just deep breathing. And just feeling safe. Feeling still, feeling that stillness. Trying to feel that sense of stillness even though your day might be, there might be a lot to, that you’re responsible for. Just taking that time is so important. It tells your body that you care, you know?


DAVID: This is crucial.

OSMARA: And at first, because I remember years ago reading the Power of Now, and I got so frustrated with the author, Eckhart Tolle, because he would talk about the Now, and I just couldn’t grasp it at first. I just couldn’t grasp what he was talking about. What it felt like to be the observer and be in the Now. And it felt very foreign to me. And so, for people that, you know, a lot of us have been so disconnected with our own bodies and our own sense of self, it’s going to feel foreign at first.

But it’s about incorporating that into your day as a habit. If anything, as a wellness habit. Because if we don’t take the time to recharge our batteries, we all know this, but really how many of us actually internalize and process. And if we don’t take the time to recharge, not only will we be affected, but our partners, spouses, children, if we have them, friends, colleagues, clients. You name it. It all trickles down.

DAVID: Right, that’s correct.