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OSM Buildings
2 min readAug 22, 2020


Detailed 3D objects in OSM?

3D Model Repository has just launched, and it’s available at https://3dmr.eu

The aim of the project is to enable high detail 3D rendering map data using real 3D models. And this is how it has been assembled thus far.

Question is: Is this still mapping or is it modelling already?

Now we’re able to store a range of objects and details, from landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower down to repeating benches on a street.

During Google Summer of Code project last year (2017) Pedro developed the platform, mentored by Jan from OSM Buildings and Tobias from OSM2World. He also set up the infrastructure required for launch, with generous funding courtesy of FOSSGIS.

On the renderer side, user karlos has been making great progress with his project OSM go. He provided us with an easy way to test the features of our project.

This is how we would like to implement in OSM Buildings, from 3D design to final object on the map.


Contributions are always welcome. There’s several ways to participate, such as modelling or developing. If you know how to use Blender or Google SketchUp, you can get started right away modelling features of your town. Otherwise, if you’d rather develop, you can implement the repository in one of the existing 3D renderers or add new features to the repository.

Looking forward to seeing your additions!

Originally published at https://osmbuildings.org on 2018–03–01