Opinion: Project funding

OSM Buildings
1 min readAug 22, 2020


Just saw this tweet asking for QGIS 3d funding again. It already caused a brief discussion, started by me.

Wise words from Steve Gifford (@mousebirdc) calmed me down:

“ Honestly should probably have just used @CesiumJS. Sure, it’s web tech, but it’s already there.

But really, and I say this with no malice, people always want to write their own 3D rendering engine. So they do.”

It helped to remember OSM Buildings was not the first solution visualising OSM data in 3D as well. If everyone has the right to reinvent the wheel, what is the issue?

Asking for people’s money should require an evaluation of alternatives.
This is where I draw a red line.

Originally published at https://osmbuildings.org on 2018–03–01