E-cigarettes and Smoking

The Hazards Of Smoking

E-cigarettes are nowadays widely available globally but is it a better alternative to cigarettes?

Smoking kills. It gives people who participate in smoking cigarettes, apart from unnecessary medical bills, cancer. In fact, more than 7 million people die every year around the world, particularly in developing regions, because of smoking. The problem is in decline in the developed world, perhaps because of how a box of cigarettes are marketed over here — by stark contrast, the problem with false advertising of cigarettes still prevails in poorer countries.

One alternative to cigarettes in the market, to tone down the level of dependency on nicotine for smokers, is an e-cigarette, which is reportedly less toxic to health than a cigarette since a smoker here intakes nicotine, without tobacco burning. But the use of e-cigarettes is still banned in numerous US states and in countries such as Brazil and Thailand; also, in countries such as Philippines and Bosnia and Herzegovina the sale of e-cigarettes is unregulated.

The general idea should be to bridge ‘tobacco addiction’ with ‘lowering health risks’ first, rather than live in an environment, where smokers must quit smoking habits instantly, despite nicotine’s enormously addictive nature. E-cigarettes are known to act as that bridge here, even going so far as let smokers to permanently stop smoking. Furthermore, long-term health risks associated with tobacco smoking is 5percent and smoking e-cigarettes is unlikely to cause any greater damage, than that percentage, to the health of smokers.

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