Glastonbury’s Great Sounds

The magic of Glastonbury (2017).

Glastonbury kicked off yesterday, and the festival is busy doing what it does best: play great rock music

The latest Glastonbury line-up features some interesting artists: from Charli XCX to Katy Perry, the number of music artists playing in 2017 makes the festival a packed field. What I most enjoy about the music festival is its varied range of sounds. The line-up, upon first glance, I’ve got to be honest, looks like Hebrew to me because the sounds of many music artists playing this year don’t actually makeup my music playlists. But Glastonbury is a great celebration of the fashion, mud (all thanks to the unpredictable British weather) and great music.

Music festivals in the UK are sometimes thought of not doing an awful lot for diverse music sounds, though, I think in part because the most prominent music acts, over the years, were slated for rock music. Over the years, most of the headline acts for music festivals were allocated to rock bands, such as Coldplay, The Killers and Kings of Leon; house/electronic music didn’t really feature as much, which was just an awful, torpid state of things because good music (of any genre) is great music. There was also a lack of presence for chart-toppers at festivals, and that includes Glastonbury, which is strange because the music festival has always been a celebration of contemporary music, not contemporary music, with a rock-music-focus.

This year, when I look at the range of music artists (those which are my favourites) playing at Glastonbury, I can find an interesting mix, however: apart from the presence of rock bands, such as Radiohead, the XX, Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro, there’s also a good exploration range for music from different genres; maybe this lack of diversity for genres happens with other music acts, really, at Glastonbury.