North And South Korea Aim For Peace

Kim Jong-un was a different man at the summit, as he wisecracked and agreed to stabilize his state’s relations with the South

The two Koreas agree to the pursuing of a peaceful relationship after many years of conflict

North Korea recently decided with South Korea at a summit held in Peace House between Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in, the heads of state of both of the respective states, that North Korea will begin denuclerization from next month. What also followed was a growth of trust between the two states and denuclerization on the basis that the US will not invade North Korea. The marked difference in the relationship between the North and the South comes as a pleasant surprise as the conflict between two states, which have lasted over many decades, stands at the brink of positively completely transforming itself into a relationship that is really good for the world: the prospect of denuclerization for North Korea will simplify its relations with the US and also satisfies China on the grounds that security in the Korean peninsula is going to happen. Truly, amidst a presence of so much of conflict in the world, what North and South Korea have done will be remembered forever because the advent of beginning of new relations is a very good diplomatic-picture, with the conflict between the two Asian states being so close to reaching a peaceful resolution.

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