President Trump and the Syrian Conflict

Donald Trump is busy doing complicated takes on Syria

It’s important to focus on ending the Syrian conflict, with a political solution, instead of the Trump administration seemingly aligning itself with Vladimir Putin and his big ideas

President Donald Trump seems to be slowly and slowly gearing towards Vladimir Putin’s plans for Syria — this comes as experienced advisers continue to grow their influence on President Trump. Putin has a de-escalation plan, which although on the surface looks like it could prevent heightening of the civil war, it would actually cement Bashar al-Assad’s regime in power, which would be a tragedy in itself; the only good thing about Putin’s plan there, is that Iran would grow into a major power in the Middle East, for it.

It’s important to note that the relationship that United States shares with Syria isn’t as tense: recently, for the first time, US-led coalition forces bombed pro-government forces in Syria, close to Jordan’s border, in response to the horrors unleashed by Assad on Syrian soil. So, an escalation of greater violence might not be in the cards as much - there is already a humanitarian crisis afloat in Syria, following seven long years of war.