The US should press for North Korea’s nuclear disarmament more diplomatically

The US and North Korea needs to downplay hostility towards each other and work on sorting out their diplomatic differences.

No nuclear war, please — the US and North Korea must focus on ironing out all probable conflict issues, which may arise between the two countries

North Korea has always been in a patchy environment because of its regular development of nuclear missiles, which it had promised was only meant for protecting the state and elevating the status of the country in the world. But recent sanctions placed by the US on North Korea, angered it enough to vocally pronounce the possibility of a war with Guam, an American island territory.

North Korea should really focus instead on what to do over the matter of the recent sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council on the state, which is blocking various exports, inclusive of seafood, to it. The Asian state is looking at the recent sanctions as a provocative sign and as diplomatic hostility but the sanctions have been placed for a reason: there is already a serious amount of concern North Korea might, and very wrongfully it’s important to add, take its nuclear volatility inside the US.

There is no reason to look at this probability brewing that North Korea might any time attack the US, with nuclear weapons, as anything but very undeserved. Clearly, there is a big gap in dialogue over here, with respects to what both states want from the situation. The US’ demands of ending nuclear development is placing North Korea in a somewhat isolated position because it’s still raging a war with South Korea, which also happens to be an US ally.

Meanwhile, China, an ally of North Korea is urging the US to find a political solution to the recent escalation of tensions, which really would in actuality be better, rather than relying on provocations. It would be best if both the US and North Korea begin engaging in dialogue over the latter’s nuclear disarmament, rather than constantly participate in an international atmosphere of hostility.

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