Xi Jinping Might Rule Permanently

Xi Jinping could be the the Chinese head of state in perpetuity

In March, the National People’s Congress will in all likelihood vote in a policy of permanent presidential rule, with a limit of years no longer cutting off a Chinese head of state’s grab of power. But is that really a great idea?

In China, a revolutionary approach to politics is happening once again: the Presidential rule system in the nation is soon looking to be transformed to allow Xi Jinping to rule the state for forever. The political idea is reminiscent of when Mao Zedong used to rule China and actually appears to solidify the state’s progressive future. Supporters of Xi really place faith in the idea that China can only prosper when a strong leader leads it because otherwise the state will fall prey to bureaucratic ways. But does this vision align with what Xi likes to practice in power?

History in China suggests that a strong government doesn’t allow national disorder to happen and Xi has done just the same by heightening both his and his government’s control. The only concern is how absolute control plays out on repression of opposition to the idea, particularly inside the Communist Party, which has been racked by corruption charges for those at the top, and the need to be politically open to debate; it seems unlikely a major problem of discord will brew if Xi was to permanently rule, when China already is a Communist state practicing outlooks all across the nation, that posses more of an authoritarian nature than anything else.

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