Hello dear readers❣️

In this post I want to tell you about the meeting with the freshmen😈

You know, they are similar to us.

Freshmen are like the second year students in their first year of study☺️😆

With my classmates we came up with ideas of activities, Kris and Alex wanted to be a some kind of animators👩🏼‍🎤👨🏼‍🎤

The first activity was a “snowball”. It’s a game, where you should remember names of guys in your team. We decided to make it a bit difficult, so we were saying a name and an adjective on the 1st letter of a name, for example Natural Nastya, Lovely Liza😄

The second activity was “Superpower”🌟

There are were 3 freshmen and I in my team. So, each of us should have a superpower, which can help us in our future profession😼 We drew our superpowers in the paper and exchanged with another group. We tried to guess who is who in the painting. We did it successfully💥

From my point of view it’s a cool way to. get aquainted new people and practice out English😎

To be honest it was a bit difficult to work with freshman. At first they didn’t want to draw, they were interested in social networks and discussion their evening, because on Friday 13 they had the Freshman Party 🎉

But I asked them to put their phones down and explained that they would draw pictures and do different strange and fun things during the whole study process in the American Center. So, it’s better to turn off “We are adults” and start to be more cheerful 😄

At the end of the class we had a free time to communicate with freshmen. They asked us about exams, preparing for English exam and a bit about our personal life, how we connect study with having fun🙂

I hope more meetings we have more cooler meetings will be😇
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