In this post I would like to answer questions from Freshman Guide.

  1. Why am I here (at LUNN)? I decided to enter this university because its atmosphere is very attractive for me. Linguistics University have mysterious aura. May be I’m crazy, but it is really so for me. Moreover, level of education plays a big role in my choice. LUNN is one of the best universities in Russia. But the main thing, which made me to choose LUNN, is foreign language.I want to know English as well as possible. My university is the best in it. To add to this I didn’t want to go to another city, so I decided to go to the best university of Nizhniy Novgorod.
  2. What do I want from my college experience, ideally? Okey, above all I want to collect a lot of information and knowledge for my future life. I would like to be a perfect specialist in my sphere. I wish to try many in my university, because there are a lot of groups for interests. In fact you can take part in all of them, if you have enough time. My main wish is to remember my university’s years in memory.
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